Alternatives to Kissmanga now that it’s shut down. Where should you read your manga?

Fans all over the world cringe today when they heard the final shut down of one of the most popular manga and anime streaming platform — Kissmanga. It’s all over the web and it’s a big blow to us manga fans. Though it was a love and hate relationship with all the annoying ads and pop ups, some fans have sticked to kissmanga to the very end. But that relationship is now over, even sources in the internet have mentioned they have deleted their database.

It is not the end of the world, as many manga fans now wonder are there alternatives Kissmanga or similar web like Kissmanga? Of course there are. In fact we encourage you to support creators by reading your favorite mangas from the official publisher’s website. Here are few official Kissmanga alternatives:

Official Kissmanga Alternatives

  1. Viz (Manga Plus by Shueisha)
    Absolutely the most official publishers of the greatest manga you love. This company distributes those great mangas outside of Japan, handling both prints and digital formats as well. Go check out and check out your mangas.

Free Kissmanga Alternatives

So it’s come down to this, where then should we read our favorite mangas? Well there are many other platforms. Simply typing the right keywords on Google will give you a few choices. But I’m here to share with you some of our personal favorites:

MangaPanda, Manga Reader, Mangadex, Mangafast, and Manganelo. Good luck!

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