Asta and Yuno’s Friendship

Asta and Yuno’s Friendship

Hey, guys, this time let’s talk about Black Clover. I’m sure some of you might already familiar with this manga. This manga was written and illustrated by Tabata Yuuki since 2014. It was serialized in Shounen Jump magazine published by Shueisha. This manga has become new favorite since debuted and was adapted into anime with the same title. If you’re curious about this manga, you could always read it on Jump, or look for its English translation in VIZ or MangaPlus. Even better, you could watch the anime and most of it already subbed in English. 

Black Clover manga

What was this manga about? This manga follows the journey of Asta and Yuno, both orphans from Hage village. The setting was the Clover Kingdom, where magic has become parts of their daily activities. Asta and Yuno were left in front of the small church in Hage village. When they grew up, they become the opposite of one another. Asta became a very loud and noisy kid while Yuno became this cool looking-dude. When they were still a kid, both had made a promise. They were going to become a Magic Emperor. To become one, they must go to the capital city and apply for the position of Magic Knight. The test to become Magic Knight was done regularly and the applicant could be accepted into one of the nine squads. This manga revolves around Asta and Yuno while they were working hard to reach their dreams. 

In this manga, the protagonists or the main characters were Asta and Yuno. Most people would probably think Asta was the main character but I think both of them were suitable for it. If someone ask me about their friendship, I don’t know if I could explained it well but I think it’s more than just friendship. Let’s shortly discuss about it. Asta and Yuno grew up together in the orphanage (or the small church in Hage village). Asta was always a loud and an active kid but Yuno was not as cool as he is now. Yuno used to cry a lot. Asta always help Yuno doing everything and help him when his necklace was taken by a drunkard. Asta has no magic power whatsoever so everything was hard for him. Yuno has the wind magic and he help a lot around the church. They knew each other since birth and I guess that must be a brotherhood and not just friendship.

During their journey to become a Magic Emperor, they were split into different squads. Yuno choose to be with the Golden Dawn squad, the best squad among other while Asta got accepted in the Black Bull squad, the worst squad. However, along the way, they often met. And they help one another in the battle. Although they think of one another as a rival, they still acts like allies. Their bond was unbreakable and somehow making Bell, Yuno’s wind spirit, jealous. Although they were not blood-related, and they thought of one another as rival, I think their relationship was more than just friendship. They were brothers. If you’re curious about this manga, you can read Black Clover manga in shonen Jump or you might watch the anime. 

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