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Black Clover Manga Chapter 251 Spoiler Out Now

Black Clover Manga has released its newest chapter, chapter 251! Today we’re going to give you a review of the chapter. And for those who haven’t read or forgotten about chapter 250, don’t worry! We gotcha, we also provide the recap for chapter 250.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 250 Recap

Charmy Pappitson hurries to Polnfrume Forest, where she finds the Dark Disciple Harbeit defeated the Spirit Guardian Potrof and set fire to the forest. Confronting Harbeit, Charmy says she’s never going to forgive Harbeit and attacks with a large sheep. Harbeit notes that their magic attributes are similar in that they pass through each other. But Harbeit’s Hair Magic is capable of defending each other, unlike Charmy’s Cotton Magic. Harbeit’s hair is cut by Charmy, and then she twists into the spears that pierce Charmy. While wrapping Charmy in a cocoon of hair, Harbeit points out that eating is foolish because all the beauty needs are proper nutritional management.

As the cocoon tightens, Charmy reminds Harbeit of her previous statement, and Charmy’s wolf emerges and consumes her hair, freeing Charmy. Harbeit is confused as it is not the power of the devil. When Harbeit dodges the wolf’s utensils, Charmy uses the natural mana arrays to create a barrier, trapping the disciple in a “kitchen.” Then the wolf seasons and cooks Harbeit and her hair. Watching this display, Potrof realizes that he has created a monster. The wolf consumes most of Harbeit’s hair and transfers magic power to Charmy, who releases a flurry of punches. As the battered Disciple goes on, Charmy says that true beauty and strength come from proper meals.

Review Black Clover Manga Chapter 251

Gadjah finishes a Dark Disciple. The citizens cheer for the victory, they all seem very satisfied with Gadjah’s performance and praise him. Gadjah feels like he has to return to Lolopechka immediately. Back at the palace, Lolopechka, Mimosa, and Noelle all see that the Dark Disciples have all been defeated. Suddenly, a Dark Disciple, who has thirst over the girls’ mana, breaks into the room but is defeated by Mimosa with Lolopechka’s support of mana.

However, suddenly, Vanica walks into the room and greets Lolopechka. Lolopechka asks Vanica why she’s having her Dark Disciples attack the citizens if she’s the one Vanica wants, which Vanica says she thought Lolopechka would fight this way more seriously. Noelle gets angry after hearing this and proclaims that her dark disciples have already been defeated by their comrades. Vanica says that her Dark Disciples had not been defeated, and that the Dark Disciple that Lolopechka and Mimosa had defeated had suddenly returned. Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa are shocked by what Mimosa thinks about how confident she was that the Dark disciple was cold.

As the Dark Disciple thanks Vanica for what she did, and for feeling good again, that Vanica attacks the Dark Disciple while telling him to shut up. Vanica also told the Dark Disciple to hurry up and deal with Mimosa and Noelle. As the Dark Disciple is healed of Vanica ‘s attack, the Dark Disciple tells Vanica to step forward. Vanica explains how she put a curse on her Dark Disciples, so that they can be resurrected no matter how often they are defeated. And in other places, the Dark Disciples are revived again.

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