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Black Clover Manga Chapter 253 Release Date, Updates and More

Black clover manga

Black Clover Manga Chapter 252 Recap

Noelle Silva launches Water Creation Magic, “Sea Dragon’s Roar” as her an opening strike at Vanica. But, it is no match for Venica’s Blood Magic “Crimson Beast”. Vanica then mocks Noelle’s attack, she thinks it was weak. On the other battle, the frog demon sticks his long tongue out to ensnare Mimosa. But Mimiso seems to have mixed seed of zomaha grass in her attack a while ago, she counters the frog’s attack and says that she will take care of that particular enemy.

A while back, Lolopechka mentioned that Dark Triads can use two elements of magic, their own and the devil’s magic. Vanica is wondering if Zenon and big brother Dante are having fun. But according to the enemy, Lolopechka is the best enemy, since she has World Tree Magic and Dark Magic. Lolopechka inherits the power of the past princesses, their knowledge and experiences, that’s why the princesses are called as all-knowing maidens.

According to Lolopechka, if dark triads are to win, 90% of people in the continent will die. This is why the battle is so significant. But apparently Vanica just does not care. Lolopechka creates an area of water that reduces the power of Vanica’s blood magic by half, but increases Noelle’s magic power. Noelle then manages to land a hit directly at Vanica, making her spit out blood. But Vanica simply seems intrigued by the attack. 

Black Clover Manga Chapter 253 Release Date

Do you guys want to read Black Clover Manga chapter 253? Black Clover usually releases a chapter every week. The latest chapter 252 was published on May 29th. So, it is very likely that we will see the new chapter release of chapter 253 in this coming week. Stay tuned to our website if you guys don’t wanna miss it out!

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