Black Clover Manga Chapter 254

Black Clover Manga Chapter 254 Spoiler Out Now!

Hey, how are you, guys? Today, we are discussing the new spoiler and review of Black Clover Manga Chapter 254 that was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we also provide the recap of chapter 253!

Black Clover Manga Chapter 254

Black Clover Manga Chapter 253 Recap

Noelle succeeds in stabbing Vanica with her Valkyrie weapon. But Vanica stays excited and use her devil’s power instead. Lolopechka is worried about Noelle. Although being underwater should reduce Vanica’s strength to a half, thanks to her devil’s power, she was able to increase her mana. After stabbing her, Noelle keeps a distance from her. In the meantime, the toad guy  still captured Mimosa’s hand using his tongue. Mimosa tried hard to escape. Suddenly, the flashback showed how Noelle and Mimosa stand and support Lolopechka after the previous battle against Megicula. During their conversation, Lolopechka admits that she was afraid to die. And she felt awful because, as the future queen, she was supposed to think about her kingdom. Before the battle, Lolopechka told Noelle and Mimosa that she will try to make Vanica using up all the power she got. At that time, she will definitely use the devil’s power. When she does, Lolopechka told the other girls that she will use the trump card, Arcane Magenero to seal her.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 254 Review and Spoiler

The last trump card, Nero was able to seal her. Since she was sealed, the curse on Lolopechka’s body should be gone by now. But, it was still there. Suddenly, Vanica erases Nero’s seals and return the black magic back to Nero and Lolopechka. Nero and Undine were hurt badly. Apparently, Megicula share half of Vanica’s body. She used Decaying World to weaken all spells, even Sealing Magic of Arcane stage. The curse seems to injure Undine, the water spirit, badly. Lolopechka and Undine can’t move an inch due to the horrible pain of the curse. Vanica was about to kill her, but Noelle still won’t give up that easily. Noelle tried to attack Vanica, but Vanica throw curses to Noelle. Vanica told her that she won’t make it cause their power differential was too large. Noelle didn’t care and she was able to stab her.

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