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Black Clover Manga Chapter 257 Release Date, Updates and More

Let’s talk about the story of Black Clover Manga Chapter 257 which will be released next week. However, before starting, we’re going to have a recap toward the previous chapter.

Black Clover Manga

Black Clover Manga Chapter 256 Recap

The battle still going strong between Yami and the demon. He used Gravity Magic and formed a black ball that erase everything on its way. The ball could even make a hole in the mountain. Yami retaliates with the Dark Dimension. Yami worked hard to avoid the black moon and close his distance. Before he could attack, the demon striked him again and give Yami a hard time. After getting hurt by the cannonball, Yami tried to stab him but the demon turned into a cannonball.

Black Clover Manga Synopsis

Clover Kingdom was a kingdom of magic. Everyone could use magic in their daily lives. One exception to this was Asta, who was left under the church’s door along with Yuno when they were still babies. Yuno grew up as a wind-user magic while Asta was relying on his determination and physical ability. Both youngmen aimed to be the next magic emperor in the kingdom. Got separated in different squads didn’t make them lost in touch. Meeting new friends, defeating enemies and improve their own abilities were part of their agenda to become the next magic emperor.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 257 Prediction and Spoiler

What will happen to Yami? The demon was quite strong. It was strong enough to eliminate all of them. The next chapter might revealed about the continuation of the fight. It was most likely that Yami would find a way to defeat him.

Black Clover Manga Chapter 257 Release Date

Are you curious with the continuation? We will find out the answer in the upcoming chapter.  When? The latest update was on June 28th so the next one would be coming soon. You can read Black Clover manga on any manga hosting websites online. 

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