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Boku no Hero Academia Manga 278 Release Date, Updates and More

Here’s some news for you guys on Boku no Hero Academia manga: let’s discuss the upcoming chapter 278. We provide recap of chapter 277, so you guys can quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!

Boku no Hero Academia Manga

Boku no Hero Academia Manga Chapter 277 Recap

Deku told Gran Torino and Eraser Head that if Shigaraki can’t use quirk, it means they should use their own power to defeat him. Deku told them that the worst for him was losing the teachers. If he can’t defeat Shigaraki, he might lose the teachers. Shigaraki was about to hit Deku but Endeavor hit him first. Everyone on the scene can feel Shigaraki’s power but they can’t go back now. Endeavor told Bakugo and Deku to support Eraser while he face Shigaraki straight on. Something happened inside Shigaraki. Someone wants to control Shigaraki. Gran Torino, Deku and Endeavor fight their battle with Shigaraki. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Mount Lady was also fighting in her own way.

Boku no Hero Academia Synopsis

This manga follows the journey of Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya who wants to become a hero although he lacks of quirk. Most human in the population nowadays has quirk or superpowers. Deku idolizes All Might, the number one Pro Hero and somehow he knew about the critical injury that All Might concealed from the public eye. All Might reveals the nature of his quirk, ‘One for All’ and passes it down to Deku to succeed him. Due to this, Deku was able to start his journey in becoming a hero by attending UA High School and met with not only new friends but enemies as well. 

Boku no Hero Academia Manga chapter 278 Prediction and Spoiler

What will happen next? The fight will be a tough one. The next chapter might tell us something about the voice and also the other fight occurs far way from the city. Without a doubt, being a hero means to sacrifice his own desire and to help others with all our strength.

Boku no Hero Academia Manga chapter 278 Release Date

Do you guys want to read Boku no Hero Academia Manga chapter 278? The last chapter was published on June 28th. This manga was released weekly. So, most likely we will get another new chapter soon. You can read Boku no Hero Academia manga on any manga hosting websties. So, stay tuned on our website if you don’t wanna miss it out! 

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