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In this post, we are going to discuss the upcoming events of Boruto chapter 46. Besides this, this post will contain spoilers of the chapter. If you haven’t read chapter 45 of Boruto, I suggest you skip the blog to the release date section. Furthermore, If spoilers don’t bother you, you can go further without hesitation. But first, let’s talk about the previous chapter of Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 45 titled “Defection” was one of the best chapters of Boruto manga. The chapter focused on Amado’s defection to Konoha and the revealed descriptions about jigen and kara. Therefore, it astounds everyone and kawaki the most- who is aware of his dependability. On another hand, Naruto accepts Amado’s defection in exchange for the intel and shikadai’s life. Afterwards, we see code(Another kara member) guarding the ten tails and providing Jigen with the report. Amado elucidates that ‘ Jigen is an ohtsutsuki or rather he became one”. He later mentions about jigen possessing ten tails, and how ten tails become the seedlings for the divine tree. Sasuke also mentions the relationship between karma and ohtsutsuki. While Amado was about to spill more details, Amado interrupts while asserting that he’s getting a live transmission from a colleague- Kashin koji.

Boruto Chapter 46 Prediction and Spoiler

Here we will discuss the feasible predictions or speculation of the upcoming Boruto manga 46 which could turn out to be true in the next following chapters. 

The situation in Konoha is now increasingly gripping, with threats from Kara and also Otsutsuki. Moreover, the great Otsutsuki War seems to be back appearing. Also interesting in the previous chapter was Amado, the greatest scientist of Kara, who finally decided to “cooperate” with Konoha. He even defeated Kashin Koji for the sake of going to Konoha.

Amado reveals that if he had left Kara and wanted refuge from Konoha’s village. Amado reveals some of Jigen’s related information and also Otsutsuki. Amado reveals that he knows Jigen’s weakness, and knows how to defeat him. Amado also reveals what and who is Otsutsuki.

Surprisingly, Amado admits that if he used to be an ordinary man until then he transformed into an Otsutsuki. He thinks Otsutsuki moved from one planet to another to find Chakra. Jigen is actually doing the same thing with other Otsutsuki. So, what will happen in the next chapter?

It is possible if Kashin Koji in the end must fight against his own chairman, Jigen. Then we will be presented with a story of the past from Kashin Koji and also the various results of his creations. Jigen may already know the plan of Amado and he also has his own plans to ward off all of that. Sasuke can go where Jigen is.

Jigen may eventually try to kidnap Kawaki as his container. The great fight that Jigen is likely to make him must be badly injured, and that’s when other Kara members will appear and help Jigen. The latter is another information about the power of Karma, the ten-tailed Jubii, the Otsutsuki clan and their various containers.

Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date

A new chapter comes out every month and Boruto Chapter 46 will be out on 20th May 2020. The raw scans of Boruto 46 should be leaked online around 2-3 days prior to the manga release meaning around May 17, spoilers will be available on the internet. Fans can also grab the spoilers by checking out the raw scans that will arrive at least two days before the official publishing.

WHERE TO READ Boruto Chapter 46

The update chapter of Boruto are available on VIZ Weekly shonen jump

So make sure you regularly visit our site for updates and schedule changes as we will be bringing you updates of Boruto manga in case anything changes and every time a new chapter arrives.

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