Boruto Manga Chapter 46 Release Date, Update and More

Right now we will discuss about Boruto Manga Chapter 46, prediction and release date. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, you can check it in the recap below.

Boruto Manga

Boruto Chapter 45 Recap

Chapter 45 entitled “Defection” still focused on Amado’s betrayal of Kara which potentially revealed important information about Jigen and Isshiki to Naruto. Naruto then restrains Amado and interrogates him in his office since it’s the best choice to save Shikadai, even though Shikamaru was quite against that idea at first. Meanwhile, another Kara member is guarding the ten tails and giving a report to Jigen. Outside Naruto’s office, Mitsuki reveals that Amado is the head of Kara’s research and development. He is also the one who created Mitsuki’s body alongside Kara’s cyborg. 

Amado tells everyone that Jigen is originally a human who turn to be an ohtsutsuki. Ohtsutsukis are aliens from another planet who came to earth to devour the life of a planet. After they’re done with earth, they will move on to another planet. Ohtsutsuki plant an enormously large divine tree to suck off the planet’s chakra from all the living life in that planet, and everyone will die eventually. The plant will form chakra fruits which will be eaten by Ohtsutsuki to keep evolving.

Amado also tells that Jigen possesses ten tails which will become the divine tree later on. Sasuke also reveals the relationship between Ohtsutsuki and Jigen’s karma. However, in the middle of explaining, Amado gets a transmission from Kashin Koji, who indeed betrayed Kara. Jigen then tries to attack him, but he attacks Kashin Koji’s bunshin instead. At the end of Chapter 45, Kashin Koji reveals that he was created to kill Jigen.

Boruto Synopsis

Naruto was a young shinobi who achieved his dream to be the biggest ninja and hokage. Several years after the Shinobi war happened, Boruto – Naruto Uzumaki’s son journey. As the son of the seventh hokage, Boruto felt angry for his father who put the village before his family. Boruto persuades Uchiha to train him for the upcoming Chunin exam to impress his father, and teams up with Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki. The story follows the exploits of Boruto and his ninja team led by Konohamaru Sarutobi. However, during the exam, a threat happens, and Boruto’s journey starts. 

Boruto Chapter 46 Prediction

Chapter 45 ends with the scene of Kashin Koji who reveals himself to Jigen. We can assume that the next chapter will show the fight between Kashin Koji and Jigen. Since Kashin Koji was created to kill him, then he should be able to handle Jigen, isn’t he? There is a possibility that Jigen will try to kidnap Kawaki. Will Kashin Koji be able to defeat Jigen? It all will be revealed in the next chapter for sure.

Boruto Chapter 46 Release Date

Boruto Manga Chapter 46 will be released on May 20th as stated in the bottom page of the chapter. The English version usually will be released several days after the raw Japanese version. Make sure to visit our website for the next updates of Boruto Manga Chapter 46.

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