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Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 274 Spoiler Out Now

The manga series continues, Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 274 is out now and here’s the review for you guys! Additionally, in case you guys haven’t read, or have forgotten about the previous chapter, here’s a recap of Chapter 273 to refresh your memory.

Domestic no Kanojo Manga

Recap Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 273

The chapter begins with Rui, revealing to Natsuo that she couldn’t marry him. She said she didn’t stop loving him, it’s just the current circumstances make her feel wrong to get married right now. She said she overheard him talking with the Boss, and she could feel Hina’s pain and suffering all this time, hiding her true feelings for Natsuo.

Right after that, they both told the parents that they called off the wedding, they both would still raise the baby together, but currently, they felt the need to take care of Hina. Rui and Natsuo then had a talk. Rui wants to keep their necklaces for their child. After that, they went on their separate ways. In the hospital, Natsuo talked to Hina who was still unconscious. He made a promise that his live would be for Hina’s. At the end of the chapter, the story jumps to five years later. Haruka, Natsuo’s daughter, was seen hugging her daddy and riding a bike together.

Review Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 274

A house is seen at the first part of the chapter. Haruka and Natsuo come home, and Haruka immediately calls Hina. Sadly, Hina is seen on the bed, still unconscious even after five years have passed. Natsuo reprimands Haruka because she didn’t wash her hands first before entering Hina’s room. After that, the both of them help Hina stretching. Later in the day, Rui is seen coming home and Haruka calls her mommy. Even when tired from work, Rui still cleans Hina’s body.

Then, their friends: Momo, Miu, and Al come there to visit. They catch up talk about their current job situations together. Natsuo then is getting praised for his writing endeavours, but he credits it all to Hina’s help. The next day, Haruka helped Natsuo cut Hina’s hair. But then Natsuo begins to cry, remembering the first time him and Hina met. When Haruka is already asleep, Natsuo and Rui talked with each other. Rui discussed that she got a new position, but it requires her somewhere quite far. Suddenly, Rui hands out a marriage registration form.

Where to Read Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 274

So, if you guys are interested to read Domestic na Kanojo Manga Chapter 274 online, you can do so by going to some reliable websites online. Enjoy the read everybody.

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