Domestic Na Kanojo

Domestic no Kanojo Manga Chapter 276 Release Date, Updates and More

Domestic Na Kanojo

Domestic no Kanojo Manga Chapter 274 Recap

Haruka and Natsuo go home and Haruka immediately calls Hina. Sadly, even after five years, Hina is seen in bed, still hasn’t regained her consciousness. Natsuo rebukes Haruka for not first washing her hands before entering Hina’s room. Even so, they all help to stretch Hina. Rui’s seen coming home later that day, and Haruka’s calling her “mommy”. Rui is still cleaning Hina ‘s body, even though she is exhausted from work.

Then their friends: Momo, Miu and Al come to their place to visit. They end up talking about news of their jobs. Natsuo is then praised for his achievements at writing but owes this to the support of Hina. The next day, Haruka helped Natsuo cut Hina’s hair. But Natsuo then starts weeping, recalling when he first met Hina. Whilst Haruka sleeps, Natsuo and Rui talk to each other. Rui spoke about getting a new job but far away somewhere. Rui then hands out a registration form for a marriage.

Domestic no Kanojo Manga Chapter 276 Release Date

If you guys want to read Domestic no Kanojo Manga, a chapter is released weekly. The latest chapter available, chapter 274, was published on 26 of May, thus chapter 276 will most likely be available after chapter 275, which is around two-week time. So, stay tuned on our website if you don’t want to miss it out!

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