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Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 149 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review and spoiler for Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 149 which just release today. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, You can read the recap of the previous chapter below.

Dr. Stone Manga
Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 149

Recap Dr. Stone Chapter 148

In chapter 148 they finally reached North America. The whole crew seemed so relieved and happy to see the land after their long journey through a sea full of obstacles. But behind the thick fog they all saw thousands of human head stone statues that seemed to suffer. It was exactly what Lilian said. But by the way my mind said that it was all because of a group of car collisions that had happened years ago, so it formed a huge pile.

The place is actually the entrance to the Pacific Ocean. Cut the mist of San Francisco in red. But all of it has been wiped out. Leaves a stone statue that looks a little creepy.

They finally reached the Sacramentu River, where they decided to find food supplies. But they remain not forgotten with their intention to find the Corn belt.

But in the middle of the journey, some big crocodiles with their heat block the boat. The All Star team finally advanced to tackle that little problem.

Arriving at the mainland they finally eat crocodile meat and process it into a burger. But it turns out that the crocodile swallowed a corn. Senku was very confident that the seeds to awaken all mankind are on the upstream of the river. In other words they aimed to come to the city of corn.

Review and Spoiler Dr. Stone  Chapter 149

On Dr. Stone Chapter 149 The story continues from the success of finding corn givers of life, The cheat code corn that is proud of by the United States. This corn tastes weird and not tasty, but this corn can be in the sport to produce high quality alcohol.

They also found some corn seeds. The corn seed was drifting down the river. I finally decided to send a report that he found.

In the evening they make a tent while making illumination useful for observing insects that fly around. Because insects love the light. In that way they can draw conclusions about the types of insects and plants that live around it.

They find European moths of corn eaters. A lot of. There are also butterflies that come fly. Behind it, Tsukasa kisses the scent of blood thirst. He thought that they were being framed so he cried out to ask the entire member immediately to go to the ship for refuge. From afar they were penetrated by machine guns. But luckily all managed safely.

The journey continues. They still wonder how there could be people there. They speculated that there were others who managed to live on their own like the one and that person that planted corn.

At the end of my art story confidently make it possible that they will battle against the mysterious man. And as usual with his very high confidence, my art is so sure that he will win.

Where to Read Dr. Stone Manga

If you want to read Dr. Stone Manga. I suggest you to read it on VIZ or shoonen jump. But you can also read it on other websites that are quite update.

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