Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 154

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 154 Spoiler Out Now!

Hey, guys, listen up. Today, we will talk about the new spoiler and review of Dr. Stone Manga chapter 154 that was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 153!

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 154

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 153 Recap

Tsukasa leads the discussion to decide what they are going to do now. They knew the enemy’s general position based on Chrome ‘s message, and the rough-sense of the distance. The enemy might, however, have known about their location as they have this spy plane. Tsukasa asks Hyoga about his opinion and Hyoga says a pirate vessel will be built. Hyoga says its big vessel is like a sitting duck. The real pirates typically use small boats to attack the big ship.

But, after the enemy know about their position, they could also attack Perseus from above. Ryusui got excited thinking about the possibility of the enemy wanting to attack them from above, but Tsukasa said the enemy is better in the battle over the sky. Decisions are made. They are going to turn Perseus into an aircraft carrier and everyone is giving helping hand. Ryusui and Senku like the idea very well. They will construct a runway for light planes. The enemy’s aircraft often use glass skis rather than wheel, offering other choices while landing. Immediately, Ryusui realized that as a ploy, Dr Xeno may want them to stick to the spot.

In the meantime, Dr Xeno wants to pin down the enemy and assassinate the scientist of the enemy. Dr. Xeno thought, thanks to Gen, that Dr. Taiju is the scientist behind the enemy and he just needs to eliminate him. Stan’s the one to do it. Hyoga suggests that after leaving Gen, Chrome and Kohaku, they should sailed out to sea. But Taiju disagreed. Finally, Tsukasa agreed to form a tiny elite team to capture Dr. Xeno. The unit will include Tsukasa, Hyoga, Ukyo, and Suika. This will be the battle between two kingdoms of science.

Review and Spoiler of Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 154

So, both sides send their own team to capture the enemy’s scientist, or in Dr. Xeno plan, to kill Dr. Taiju. Gen was in a tight spot. He can’t warn his friends about Stan and his team. It was impossible for him to send warning through radio and he can’t raise any suspicion because there was a guard in the office. Luna has a doubt about Gen and Stan told her that Gen might be a spy. Carlos and Max were following them while carrying bottles of water. Luna was about to carry some but Stanley stopped her and tell her she has a job to do later.

In the meantime, Ryusui realized that the air wasn’t moving, which might be a bad omen. Stan and the other were watching Perseus from one of the huge tree’s branches. Stan was using all sorts of measurement such as temperature, humidity and weather vane made by Dr. Xeno. Max was laughing at him until Stan told them how it would all affects the bullet velocity. It turns out that Stan intend to kill Dr. Taiju using a special rifle made by Dr. Xeno. Luna was asking about her role and why she had to wear a stripes gown. Stanley explained that every stripe on her gown represents 5 inches. She will become Stan’s yardstick. By matching up the crosshair, he could calculate the distance to the target.

Their plan was Luna would board their ship and find Dr. Taiju. She just needs to lure him to the deck for three seconds and give a sign to Stan that he was the target. Luna started running to their ship and pretends to be hurt. She asked for their help and Senku help her. Other people on the ship had doubted her but they thought Senku might like her. However, that was not the case. Senku realized it right away. He knew the girl was a spy send to them by the enemy.

Where to Read Chapter 154 of Dr.Stone Manga ?

Dr. Stone manga wasreleased on a weekly basis. Chapter 154 was released on June 14th, so chapter 155 might be out next week. If you guys want to read Dr. Stone manga and don’t want to miss the updates, you can always check on our website!

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