Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155 Spoiler Out Now

Hey, guys, listen up. Today, we will talk about the new spoiler and review of Dr. Stone manga chapter 155 that was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 154.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155

Recap of Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 154

So, both sides send their own team to capture the enemy’s scientist, or in Dr. Xeno plan, to kill Dr. Taiju. Gen was in a tight spot. He can’t warn his friends about Stan and his team. It was impossible for him to send warning through radio and he can’t raise any suspicion because there was a guard in the office. Luna has a doubt about Gen and Stan told her that Gen might be a spy. Carlos and Max were following them while carrying bottles of water. Luna was about to carry some but Stanley stopped her and tell her she has a job to do later.

In the meantime, Ryusui realized that the air wasn’t moving, which might be a bad omen. Stan and the other were watching Perseus from one of the huge tree’s branches. Stan was using all sorts of measurement such as temperature, humidity and weather vane made by Dr. Xeno. Max was laughing at him until Stan told them how it would all affects the bullet velocity. It turns out that Stan intend to kill Dr. Taiju using a special rifle made by Dr. Xeno. Luna was asking about her role and why she had to wear a stripes gown. Stanley explained that every stripe on her gown represents 5 inches.

She will become Stan’s yardstick. By matching up the crosshair, he could calculate the distance to the target. Their plan was Luna would board their ship and find Dr. Taiju. She just needs to lure him to the deck for three seconds and give a sign to Stan that he was the target. Luna started running to their ship and pretends to be hurt. She asked for their help and Senku help her. Other people on the ship had doubted her but they thought Senku might like her. However, that was not the case. Senku realized it right away. He knew the girl was a spy send to them by the enemy.

Review and Spoiler Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155

Stanley told Carlos and Max that sniping was the best way to do the battle. It was mess-free and able to prevent lots of casualties. At the ship, Senku believed that Luna was a spy and he was thinking about how to interrogate her. Luna made it to the deck and had to find dr. Taiju among other people in there. However, she didn’t expect that dr. Taiju would be the one with big muscles and easily works on the deck. Senku tried to interrogate Luna by asking her bluntly about dr. Xeno. But Francois interferes and decided to try persuading her with ice cream. Using science, Senku was able to create the vanilla essence for the ice cream. Everyone was enjoying their soft serve ice cream, including Luna. As she was eating her ice cream, Senku asked her whether dr. Xeno used to be a NASA scientist. Luna surprised by the fact that Senku knows it. Ryusuui asked Senku who was dr. Xeno and Senku told him that dr. Xeno was his science mentor when he started making rockets.

Where to Read Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 155 ?

Dr. Stone manga wasreleased on a weekly basis. Chapter 155 was released on June 21st, so chapter 156 might be out next week. If you guys want to read Dr. Stone manga and don’t want to miss the updates, you can always visit our website!

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