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Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 158 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey, guys, I’ve got some news for you. We are going to discuss about Dr. Stone manga Chapter 158, but let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 158

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 157 Recap

It was all started with petrified swallows. This phenomenon occurs all around the world. The initial data analysis was sent to NASA by someone else. One day, the petrifying light hit the park when there was a gathering. Before they were petrified, Dr. Xeno told everyone to stay awake. 3,700 years later, Xeno and Senku broke out of the stone on the same day. Due to reproducible nature of science, they would meet at the same time and the same place nearly a millenia later.

Dr. Stone Manga Synopsis 

The story centers around Taiju Ooki, a regular high school student who would like to admit his feelings to Yuzuhira Ogawa after five years of silence. However, just before his confession, a mysterious green light suddenly appears and strikes the earth and somehow turns every single human being into a stone. Thousands of years later, Taiju wakes up to find that the modern world has been completely banished, leaving nature thriving with the stones of human statues here and there. Taiju then meets another living human being, Senkuu, and both would like to bring humanity back to science. Unfortunately, their plan does not seem to run smoothly as they meet another survivor, Tsukasa, who would like to build his own empire. Taiju and Senkuu eventually have to work with each other to defeat Tsukasa ‘s plan and bring back humanity.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 158 Release Date

Can’t wait to read Dr. Stone Manga chapter 158? Don’t run out of patience since this manga will be updated once a week, and the latest update was on July 5th. Make sure you check out our website so you won’t miss anything.

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