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Haikyuu Manga Chapter 392 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review and spoiler for Haikyuu Manga Chapter 392. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, You can read the recap of Haikyuu Manga Chapter 321 Below.

Haikyuu Manga
Haikyuu Manga

Recap Haikyuu Manga Chapter 391

At the earlier Chapter 391 of Haikyuu was fairly wonderful, or it’s higher to mention that chapter was all about Black Jackal’s domination. As everyone knows that every single participant of Black Jackals displayed the skills which made the opponent additionally to viewers astonished.

In the earlier chapter, Miya confirmed his tremendous loopy abilities. he’s an all-rounder participant however in reference to serving, nobody may very well beat. He shook Adlers along side his serve. Miya used his signature serve which was- “The Hybrid Serve”. And this point , Adlers actually struggled as how to dig his serve. Later it had been revealed that Miya was aiming for the highest Server Award within the V. League.

So, as how to dig his serve, Adlers modified their technique to four-man serve formation. Besides this, Ushijima additionally on this formation which he actually doesn’t like. Later, Romero has got to intensify within the midst of Miya serve so as that it could possibly be useful for his group.

At the end of the chapter, Black Jackals lead the match with 12-10 scores and Miya was prepared to tug off his 4th serve.

Review Haikyuu Manga Chapter 392

In chapter 392 Haikyuu Fukurodani was lost in the finals in spring tournaments. The mystery of the manga was finally revealed where the Fukurodani team turned out to be in the spring finals but they had to lose the 5-set game which was eventually won by the Volly Ichibayashi team. But unfortunately the details of the match did not explained well.

A little disappointed with the defeat of Fukurodani team as it saw them was a very strong team and was a very favorited team.

Beyond that we can see that Bokuto is now more mature than ever. Because at the time he sat down to my high school when he failed to score points, he would spit out his pique. But now he can dampen his temper. He started to make the weakness that he has to be the advantage to help the team with the better performance.

Approaching the end of the chapter of Haikyuu Manga. Bokuto succeeded doing spike with the body facing backwards. Before it he really rarely can do that.

Where to Read

If you want to read Haikyuu Manga Chapter 392. I suggest you to read it on VIZ or Shonen Jump. But you can also read it on other websites that are quite update.

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