Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 393 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will talk about the upcoming release of Haikyuu!! Chapter 393. However, let’s talk about the previous chapter first.


Haikyuu!! Chapter 392 Recap 

Chapter 392 tells about the Spring Interhigh Finals Eliminated match between Fukurodani and Ichibayashi academy. It turns out that Fukurodani volley team was get into the spring finals, but they were lost to Ichibayashi in a 5-set game. However, the detail of the match didn’t really well-explained. A lot of people are quite disappointed with this result, knowing that Fukurodani was a very strong team and favorited by a lot of people. 

Despite the team’s lost, Bokuto has shown that he has been more mature than he used to be. During the game, he was failed to score points because the ball was out and hit the antenna. Instead of spit out of his pique as usual when he failed to score, Bokuto has eventually able to manage his temper. He thought to himself that he should be able to improve his weakness so that he could be an advantage to the team and show a better performance to everyone. 

At the end of the chapter, Bokuto succeeded to do a spike with his body facing backwards. This is incredible, considering that he never really able to do the spike in that style before. Bokuto completely covered the top of the block and puts the score fancifully. Everyone was surprised to see Bokuto’s move, and this could be a good thing for the team’s improvement later on.

Haikyuu!! Synopsis

Shoyo Hinata, a junior high school student feels a sudden urge to become a volleyball player after watching Karasumo High School’s winning for national championship match on TV. Hinata, being a shorty himself, was inspired by one of the player called ‘The Small Giant’, Karasuno, a super talented wing-spiker despite his short posture. Hinata then joins his school volleyball club even though he has no experience beforehand, only to find that he is the only member of the club.

In his final year of junior high school, Hinata is finally able to convince his other friends to join the club so that their team could compete in tournaments. The team was struggling at the start, they faced a lot of obstacles including their lost in their first ever game to another team consist of Tobio Kageyama or known as ‘The King of Court’ for his skill and promptous attitude. Soon after, Hinata and Kageyama sets a rivalry, only to find out that they go to the same high school and finally becomes a powerful duo in their high school volleyball team. 

Haikyuu!! Chapter 393 Prediction

Presumably, the next chapter will tells further match and everything that happen after Bokuto’s fancy move. Since the game hasn’t ended yet, then the next chapter may tell the last scene of Adlers and Jackals game. We will know about it when the spoiler comes out soon.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 393 Release Date

Haikyuu!! Manga releases every week. The latest Haikyuu!! Chapter 392 was released on 10th May 2020, and spoiler of Haikyuu!! Chapter 393 is expected to be released next week by 17th May 2020. However, Shonnen Jump stated that there could be a delay of the updates due to covid-19 outbreaks, so make sure to check out our websites for further updates regarding the story!

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