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Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 396 Spoiler Out Now

Today, we are discussing the new spoiler and review of Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 396 that was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 395.

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 396

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 395 Recap

The chapter begins with a newspaper article where Japan lost by a narrow margin during world league and Ushijima Wakatoshi frequently misses the ball. Tendou called Wakatoshi and talks about the world league. Tendou also asks Ushijima whether he had seen his father. Ushijima says yes and he met another person other than his father. In Irvine, USA, he met Iwaizumi Hajime from Aoba Johsai High College. It turns out that Iwaizumi wants to meet Utsui Takashi, Ushijima’s father. Afterwards, Ushijima and Iwaizumi hang out and talks about several things. Flashback in the game, Prince Adlers chases up to Black Jackal. Ushiwaka shows different posture during this competition, in which he usually uses a bow and arrow arms swing, but currently he uses circular (cycle) arm swing. When he met his father, Ushiwaka thanks him for looking after his talent.

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 396 Review and Spoiler

The chapter begins with a game in which Black Jackal is leading with Miya’s serve. It is the third set in which ‘generation of monster’ including Miya is rampaging, but the Adlers are slowly catching up. Black Jackal is leading with 24 over 23 of The Adlers. Sokolov serves and everyone was trying hard not to lose the ball. The ball was up for so long cause everyone wants to be stronger. Hinata shows ‘left’ spike in a setting posture. It shows the great balance ability of his. With it, Black Jackal check-mate The Adlers with 25 against 23 ends the third set. The fourth set will begin with Miya’s serve.

Where to Read Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 396 ?

Chapter 396 of Haikyuu!! was just released recently. You can read Haikyuu!! Manga on most reliable websites available online. Happy reading!

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