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Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 401 Release Date, Updates and More

Today, we are going to talk about the upcoming Haikyuu!! manga chapter 401! We will disclose the release date for you guys. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we also provide recap of chapter 400!

Haikyuu!! Manga

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 400 Recap

The game continues and the Adlers gains the fourth consecutive points. They are now leading by one point. But Sakusa snatches a point, making the score even once again. Bokuto now has the serve, the two teams snatch points from each other. Until now it’s Black Jackal leading with matchpoint to 23. But, the Aldlers once again evens out the point, making it 24-24. There is a sense of strong rivalry between Hinata and Kageyama in the intense late chapter of the match.

Haikyuu!! Manga Synopsis

This manga follows the life of Hinata Shoyo, a junior high school student who got obsessed with volleyball after he saw Karasuno High School winning their game to qualify for Nationals competition on TV. Due to his short stature, Hinata was inspired by a player called ‘the Little Giant’, Karasuno’s short but talented wing spiker. When he got accepted in Karasuno High, so did Kageyama Tobio , Hinata’s rival. After the Little Giant left Karasuno, Kageyama and Hinata work together and begin a journey of redemption to restore the school’s reputation and make to the national competition.

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 401 Release Date

Latest chapter of Haikyuu!! manga has been released on July 3rd. You can read Haikyuu!! manga on any manga-hosting websites online out there. Happy reading guys!

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