Rumi Usagiyama boku no hero academia manga

Hero Profile of Rumi Usagiyama

And today we are going to discuss about Boku no Hero Academia. Most of you might heard this manga, right? Its a very interesting manga written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kouhei since 2014. This manga was serialized in Shounen Jump by Shueisha and already has its English translation hold by VIZ and MangaPlus. This ongoing manga has several other series made as its prequel, side-stories and spin-offs. For those superhero addicts, this manga is a fun and interesting manga to read. 

Rumi Usagiyama Boku no hero academia

Boku no Hero Academia follows the journey of Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya who has no quirks. Quirks or super powers is deemed important in the real world especially when he wants to become a number one superhero. The currently number one Pro Hero, All Might, is idolize by a lot of people. But he hide something from the public eye. All Might is injured and his wound is critical. All Might’s quirks is special and he can give it to someone else. The nature of his power is called ‘One for All’. When Deku has the opportunity to meet All Might, he found out about his injury. All Might find out about Deku’s potential and decided to give his power to him. Having One for All as his quirk, Deku finally able to attend to the best high school for superhero trainee, UA High School. 

Something awesome about this manga lies in its number of characters and their quirks. This manga describes the superhero in action during battle between the good and the bad. Following more than just Deku, we can tell that most superheroes in this manga are normal people, with their own personal and complicated life. One of these superhero is Rumi Usagiyama. She is also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko and a number 5 Pro Hero. From the looks of her, she is a tough woman. She always speaks her mind and she appreciate other who do the same as her.

Apparently, she believes that heroes join up in a team is cowards because they can’t rely on their own strength. She is bold and never stand back when facing a life-threatening situation. She appears to take every day of her life with no regrets, admitting that she would risk her life for a greater good. Compare to other heroes, she is strong and her experiences in battles is strongly beneficial for her. Her quirks is like rabbit. She has outstanding hearing and able to do multitasking in battle. She also has a superb kick. I guess most heroes would think of her as a dependable and blunt. But I think she is serious about her duty as a hero, who try to protect the people with all her power. If you’re curious not only about Rumi but Deku as well, you can read Boku no Hero Academia Manga in shonen Jump or you might want to look for its English translation in VIZ or MangaPlus.   

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