How To Get A Tsugumomo Girlfriend

Tsugumomo manga was written and illustrated by Yoshikazu Hamada. This manga published by Futabasha in a few of their magazines. Due to its popularity, Tsugumomo got adapted into anime in 2017 and its second season should be premiered in April 2020. Maybe it would be best if I explained to you a bit about Tsugumomo. Tsugumomo was originally a tool or an object that gained life thanks to the influence of human and the curse. Tsugumomo was born after many generations of usage. Being used by multiple people, part of those user’s soul flows into the item and eventually allowed the item to have a soul of its own. Just like any human, Tsugumomo could take various appearances, with different personalities. 


One of the Tsugumomo candidates to be a girlfriend was, of course, Kiriha. She was a tsugumomo in the form of hand woven kimono obi with sakura design. Her real name was Ayasakura. Kiriha was eccentric and straightforward. She was also kind of bossy but she was easy going and has a high self-confidence. Although many people saw her as a violent person, Kiriha took her job very seriously. She would never abandon her job. However, as a tsugumomo, her power would depend on its owner. Kiriha would become a perfect girlfriend candidate because she was extremely loyal. It can be said that Kazuya would be lucky if he have her as his girlfriend. 

Sumeragi Sunao was a girl with similar personalities to Kiriha. She was extremely straightforward and outspoken. She has the tendency to act on impulse and quite short-tempered. People would see her as a girl with a sense of fair play and honor, and thus will never use underhanded tricks just to obtain victory. She learned from Kazuya about Tsugumomo and started to treat Kotetsu, her katana, with respect. Sunao developed romantic feelings for Kazuya and could become a girlfriend candidate for him. However, compared to Kiriha, Sunao still lacked in different aspects. Her abilities were different than Kiriha. Kiriha was an obi tsugumomo that can be used for many purposes in and outside of combat. Kiriha had spent all her life with Kagami family and thus knew a lot about Kazuya. From these aspects, Kiriha might be the best girlfriend candidate for Kazuya. How about you, do you want to have a tsugumomo girlfriend? If you’re curious about their romantic relationship, you can read Tsugumomo manga in any manga-hosting websites online. I’ll see you guys on another topic to discuss and happy reading. 

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