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Kingdom Manga Chapter 645 Spoiler Out Now

The manga series continues, Kingdom Manga Chapter 645 is out now and here’s the review for you guys! Additionally, in case you guys haven’t read, or have forgotten about the previous chapter, here’s a recap of Chapter 644 to refresh your memory.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 645

Kingdom Manga Chapter 644 Recap

Ri Boku is held captive. Tomorrow will be his execution. Ri Boku states his last words, he gives a final piece of advice about how to hold off the Qin armies. But sadly, his words will not be relayed.

Ka, The Zhao Crown Prince, begs in front of his father, the King, to let Ri Boku go. Then, The King asks him to get closer and hugs Ka. Suddenly, King Tou Ju bites his son’s ear off. He says it’s what Ka deserves for speaking up against his king.

The Qin army receives the news and they immediately prepare to head for Kantan. 

At a corner of Kantan City, the people still loyal to Ri Boku tries to come up with a plan to save him. Shun Sui Ju plans to save him on the execution ground. Kaine is also determined to save Ri Boku. 

At the House of the Peach Spring, King Tou Ju of Zhao is having a bath with many underage girls. He drinks some wine there too. But suddenly, he is heavily coughing. When he wants to get out from the bath, suddenly bloods are coming out of his mouth and ass. The King of Zhao is dead.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 645 Review and Spoiler

The forces from both sides have come to the same battlefield. Ousen summoned all of the generals to discuss their strategy. But suddenly, a report about the death of King of Zhao arrives and shocks everyone. This creates a huge commotion in Kantan. Ka is immediately decided to be the next ruler. Ka straightaway releases the prisoners who had been jailed unjustly, including Ri Boku. This is bad news for Ousen and his armies, because now the Kantan forces have also joined the war. Ka orders his mean to seek Kakukai, since he must be brought to justice. However, right after that, Kakukai arrives with Enmou and his men. He brought Tou Jou last’ decree and will. The will says Ka is removed from the line of succession, and Tou Jou’s younger son; Sen, will be the one succeeds him.

Where to Read  Kingdom Manga Chapter 645 ?

So, if you guys are interested in reading Kingdom Manga chapter 645, you can do so by going to some reliable websites online. Enjoy the read everybody.

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