domestic na kanojo manga

Mature Ladies or Innocent Girls?

It’s time to talk about Domestic na Kanojo Manga. Those of you who follow this series might realize that this manga is nearing its completion. Just like the title of this article, I want to discuss about your preferences in choosing a girlfriend. A mature one or an innocent one. But, before we jump to that, I’d like to give a bit of introduction to Domestic na Kanojo the series for those new readers. Domestic na Kanojo tells the story of Natsuo Fujii, a high school student who falls in love with his teacher, Tachibana Hina. In order to forget about his unrequited love, Natsuo decided to go to a mixer along with his friends. In the mixer, he met with a strange girl named Tachibana Rui. Rui and Natsuo got along because they are not getting used to attend mixer. Rui asks Natsuo to do something for her.

domestic na kanojo manga

It turns out that Rui is curious about the ‘first time’ sex and ask Natsuo to be her partner. Natsuo agrees because she thinks Rui is sort of similar to Hina and he wants to forget about his feeling toward Hina. Both Natsuo and Rui agree not to see each other again after doing it. However, Natsuo’s father decided to remarried after being single for years. He is going to marry a woman named Tachibana Tokiko, who has two daughters. The daughters are going to become Natsuo’s stepsisters and they are Tachibana Hina and Rui. Living together in the same house with both girls has put Natsuo in a great dilemma. It created a triangle of love in the same house. 

Now, let’s get back to the talk. Tachibana Hina is older than Natsuo and can be considered as a mature lady. Probably because of her age, she has more mature approach in dealings with things. For example, when she found out about Rui’s relationship with Natsuo, she try to find her own place to live. She is aware of Rui’s feeling about Natsuo and she also aware about her own feelings. Because Rui is her younger sister, she often feels that she ought to protect her even if she has to sacrifice her own feeling. Tachibana Rui is at the same age of Natsuo. She got interested in Natsuo after she asks Natsuo to be her ‘first’. Due to her age, she appears innocent compared to her mature older sister, Hina. Rui is bold and confident.

domestic na kanojo manga

Although one could call her innocent, she is not an airhead. Having a mature lady as your girlfriend is something you can be proud of. Appearance wise, mature lady means she has more experience than you, in love and in life. As the boyfriend, you can learn a lot from her. But innocent girls has its own merits. They are still young and lack of experience. But you can learn along with them and feel the fun just like Natsuo and Rui. So, what do you think. Which would you choose, the mature lady or the innocent girl?

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