One Piece Manga Chapter 983

One Piece Manga Chapter 979 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review for the latest update of One Piece Manga . Yap we will going to give you a review and spoiler for Chapter 979 of One Piece. If you haven’t read One Piece Chapter 978, You can read the previous chapter below.

One Piece Chapter 979
One Piece Manga Chapter 979

Recap One Piece Chapter 978

In the previous chapter of “One Piece,” Tobbi Roppo and his group already set foot on Onigashima’s fort. Their mission is to start out the party therefore the Kaido and his people are going to be distracted and permit Luffy and therefore the alliance to urge to the island safely and undetected.

To carry out this first stage within the plan, Kinemon used his garb-garb power to vary their attire to beast pirates uniform in order that they can infiltrate the place well without being suspected. The party and therefore the clothes are the simplest camouflage to permit everyone to line out and get on their assigned places and begin the attack.

Review One Piece Chapter 979

Luffy and Eustarab Kid’s crew immediately hit the front line. But thanks to Kinemon’s ability, all of Monkey D Luffy’s alliance was given a similar disguise of troops from Kaido. On the other hand, Trafalgar D Law brings forward to the back side of the island of Onigashima to ambush Kaido from behind.

While the Onigashima Kaido with Orochi was celebrating the party and welcomed the present guests. One of the three officials of Kaido, Queen welcomed one Kaido, Orochi and Big Mom children. Of the most widely highlighted of Kaido’s troops are the flying six or Tobi Roppo. This Tobi Roppo which numbered six members was shown one by one. Starting from Uruti, Page One, who’s Who, Black Maria, X Drake and Sasaki.

The six members were in the midst of waiting because of Kaido. While waiting for them to argue because Queen is making fun of them during introductions. Hearing Queen’s remarks, Uruti seemed angry and intended to chastise Queen, but was soothed by her associates.

In the midst of the debate, X Drake asks him who substitutes Queen if the Queen who is one of the three strongest people of Kaido will die?

The X Drake question was then immediately answered by Black Mary that it wasn’t that X Drake had the most chances of being the Queen’s replacement. But nevertheless, X Drake was not interested in the post and the question was a huge relief to Sasaki. Judging from this, it is certain that X Drake is the most powerful among the five other people in flying six or Tobi Roppo.

In chapter 979 it is also revealed that Kaido’s intentions gather and summon the flaying six or Tobi Roppo. If you read One Piece chapter 977, where Kaido intends to introduce Big Mom to the members of the flying six or Tobi Roppo.

The introduction, most likely because Kaido intends to show off the power of his pirate fleet. In addition, Kaido also has a special task to the members of the flying six to find his child who is apparently named Yamato.

If any of these flying six members manage to find the son of Kaido, then this Tobi Roppo member is given the right by Kaido to challenge one of the members of All Stats which is filled with King, Queen and Jack. Meanwhile, Monkey D Luffy’s alliance continues to move forward in Onigashima. The competition of Monkey D Luffy and Eustgirl Kid still continues to happen.

At the end of the story there is something that makes Luffy angry? It relates to red beans. What do you think will happen?. Read One piece chapter 979 immediately below.

Where to Read

If you want to read One Piece Chapter 979. I advise you to read it on VIZ or Shonen Jump. But you can also read it on other websites that are quite an update website if you want to read the raw chapter.

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