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One Piece Manga Chapter 980 Spoiler Out Now

Today we will be giving you the review of One Piece Manga chapter 980! Below you can also find the recap of chapter 979 in case you haven’t read it yet!

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One Piece Manga Chapter 979 Recap

Back in chapter 979, Kanjuro hasn’t reach Orochi yet, and has to fight Animal Kingdom troops which unfortunately didn’t even realize that Kanjuro is actually Orochi’s ally. The whole Monkey D’Luffy alliances was given a similar disguise of troops by Kaido using Kinemon’s ability and Trafalgar D Law is ready to quietly attack Kaido from behind. On the other hand, Orochi and Onigishama Kaido are welcoming the entire guest at the party. The most interesting part is when Kaido’s troops are seen in the story, known as Tobi Roppo or the flying six, consist of Uruti, Page One, who’s Who, Black Maria, X Drake and Sasaki. These 6 members are currently waiting for Kaido.

Back in the chapter 977, Kaido was revealed to have the intention of introducing Big Mom to Tobi Roppo. However, it seems like Kaido actually has another special task for the member of the flying six, which is to find his missing child named Yamato. Kaido states that if any of them manages to find Yamato, then the Tobi Roppo member will have the right to challenge one member of All stats – King, Queen and Jack in the Animal Kingdom. Meanwhile, Luffy’s alliances continue their trip in Onigashima, and it seems like both Luffy and Eustgirl Kid are still competing with each other. This chapter ends with Luffy getting angry, especially after he saw Animal Kingdom troops are wasting food. 

One Piece Manga Chapter 980 Review

Chapter 980 mainly tells about the battle between Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Apoo and Kid in Kaido and Orochi Residence. Luffy seems angry after he found out that Kaido’s troops has been wasting their food during Kaido and Korozumi Orochi’s party. Besides, it also reminds him toward the majority of Wanokuni’s villager that has been starving. He walked toward the crowd, and there comes Zoro who split the building into two. Eventually, Apoo finds out the real identity of Luffy and Zoro, and he attacks Luffy using his invisible power.

Unfortunately, Zoro was the one who got injured because of Apoo’s attack on his back and chest. His body was drenched in blood. During the ending scene of this chapter, Kid seems angry and Killer had warned him that he was going to uncover their disguise, but Kid doesn’t seem to care, and then he lands a strong punch to Apoo. However, there’s no Kaido King displayed in this chapter, and we still don’t know the truth about his mysterious son, Yamato. Will it be revealed in the next chapter?

Where to Read One Piece Manga Chapter 980 ?

You can read One Piece Chapter 980 in VIZ or Shonnen Jump. There are also various websites available that always be ready to keep updating the newest chapter ahead. However, you need to wait a bit more for the next chapter 981 since the release date has been postponed to June 7th, so make sure to check our website regularly for the next updates! 

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