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One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Release Date, Updates and More

one piece manga

Recap of One Piece Manga Chapter 980

At the moment Orochi’s mind is calm. Because of the message from Kanjuro, he could track the movements of the Red Scabbards. Also, thanks to the perfect strategy, he could contain the vengeful plan of the samurai and thus making their ghosts finally be able to vanish from his nightmares. But, in Onigashima, the raid has already begun. Kinemon’s forces, the Eastern Troops, the Southern Troops, Denjiro’s Forces, the total of manpower is over 5000 men. In Law’s submarine, they were advancing to the ocean depths with the Red Scabbards, their target is the castle where Kaido and Orochi reside.

Kanjuro was supposed to meet with orochi, but he hasn’t gotten to the place yet. Kanjuro is wondering how to report to Orochi because currently he doesn’t have any way yet. Meanwhile, Luffy’s alliances continue their trip in Onigashima, and it seems like both Luffy and Eustgirl Kid are still competing with each other. This chapter ends with Luffy getting angry, especially after he saw Animal Kingdom troops are wasting food.

One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Release Date

Want to read One Piece Manga chapter 981? One Piece generally releases a chapter weekly, but due to Covid-19, it has been announced that it will be at least two weeks before the new chapter comes out. The latest chapter 980 was published on May 24th. So, it is very likely that we will see the new chapter release very soon! Stay tuned to our website if you guys don’t wanna miss it out!

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