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One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Spoiler Out Now

Hello, guys? Let’s discuss about the new spoiler and review of One Piece Manga chapter 981 which was just released! If you guys haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we are also providing the recap of chapter 980.

One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Spoiler

One Piece Manga Chapter 980 Recap

Thanks to Kanjuro’s message, Orochi could contain the vengeful plan of Red Scabbard. However, the raid in Onigashima has already begun. Kinemon’s forces lead the eastern troops, while Denjiro’s forces lead the southern troops. Total number of men exceed 5000. Inside Law’s submarine, he was travelling with the Red Scabbard. Their target is the Kaido’s Castle where Kaido and Orochi reside. Meanwhile, Kanjuro hold Momo as hostage and was supposed to meet with Orochi.

But, as Kinemon predicted, he has yet to get there. The enemy forces still aren’t aware that the war is approaching. Franky and Jinbei were catching up with the other using Kurosai FR-U. And Chopper was using Brachio Tank Number 5. Luffy left his henchman to stop Kid’s crew who didn’t know about the plan. Zoro follow Luffy to make sure he didn’t get caught, but the other thinks that he will surely get lost. Brook goes with Franky while Robin chooses to walk along with Jinbei. In the enemy’s lair, King showed himself in front of the others. He was the one who gathered them all. All of them were ex-pirate captains and aiming to become an All Star. Bao Huang told them all the arrangement for today’s party.

After they wait for Big Mom’s Pirate ship, the two Emperors will announce the beginning of the biggest pirate alliance in the world and then Lord Kaido will make a really important announcement. The task Kaido giving to the ex-pirate captains was to bring his son Yamato back home.

One Piece Manga Chapter 981 Review and Spoiler

Something hurt Apoo and it was Captain Kid. He seems angry toward Apoo because he betray their alliance. The battle broke here and there. Haccha came to make things worse. In the middle of all kicking and punching, Luffy came. He came with Zoro to take part in the battle. The party in Onigashima soon became a battleground since some escapee from Udon is joining them. Linlin still changing clothes and wait for her ship to arrive at the port. Kinemon leads the eastern army. Since the enemy didn’t know about these samurai movements, Kinemon decided to modify their strategy. Rather than sending full force to the rear entrance, they will split into two groups in the mountain. Half of them will breach from the dome of the skull, pose as the enemy, and waiting  to join in the battle.

This way, they could corner Kaido and Orochi. But a miscalculation arise. The road was made of a long bridge in clear view of a brothel. It’s hard to walk more than 2000 soldiers accross the bridge without raising suspicion. And there was also the domain of Black Maria, one of the Flying Six. Sanji already went inside. While Kinemon is still thinking, Nami and the rest said that they will look for Momo and tell Kinemon to focus on the battle. Sanji came back looking disappointed. There was no woman in those brothel due to the chaos Luffy causing.

Therefore they can cross the bridge with ease. However, whenever there is silhouette, they will hide themselves quickly. Chopper take a peek and got shocked when there is a window opened. Big Mom is there. While on the outer waterfall of Wano, Big Mom’s crew is trying to climb the waterfall. Peroro notice someone flying and he thought it is King, but it is Marco the Phoenix instead. Marco kick Big Mom’s ship and made them fall to the bottom of the waterfalls.

Where to Read One Piece Manga Chapter 981 ?

If you’re curious, you can read One Piece manga Chapter 981 in VIZ or Shonen Jump. You can also visit various websites available to stay up to date about the latest chapter.  Due to the pandemic, some release might be postponed, so make sure to check our website regularly for the next updates.

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