One Piece Manga Chapter 983

One Piece Manga Chapter 983 Spoiler Out Now

How do you do, guys? Let’s discuss about the new spoiler and review chapter 983 of One Piece manga which has just been released! If you haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry, we also provide the recap of Chapter 982!

One Piece Manga Chapter 983

One Piece Manga Chapter 982 Recap

The party in Onigashima went on. Black Maria was suppose to helped out in looking for Kaidou’s son but she refused to do so. She want to stay near Kaidou. Kaidou didn’t mind and tell Orochi to enjoy the party. Orochi told Kaidou that Kanjuro’s life will be over soon. In the middle of their talk, Kanjuro came. Orochi was surprise when he saw Kanjuro holding a boy. Kanjuro told him that it was the son of Oden, Momonosuke. Kaido recognized Kanjuro and Momonosuke. Orochi was about to drink for Kanjuro but Kanjuro stopped him. Kanjuro told him about the plan of the samurai and that the fleet was on its way to Onigashima island. Fukurokuju, one of Orochi’s men, reported that not a single boat was sighted at the port.

However, Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and murder machine killer was sighted near the stage. At that moment, Queen was in charge in handling the intruders and no one sighted any samurai in question. Black Maria told him to calm down, but Orochi can’t calm down before those samurai were dead. Orochi told his men to prepare a stage for crucifixion. He intend to crucify the boy, Momo. Off coast Onigashima, inside the submarine, Inugarashi was talking with Nekomamushi. Neko-chan with his crew were just arrived in Wano country. They were also headed to Onigashima, along with Marco.

In the southern army’s position, Kyoshiro met Sasaki who was in the middle of looking for Kaidou’s son. Kyoshiro easily handle Sasaki and infiltrate the place. Meanwhile, in Kinemon’s place, Usopp and Chopper were able to lead LinLin aka Big Mom toward another direction so that Kinemon and his troops were able to move forward. Nami and the kunoichi was found out by Prometheus. In the residence, Ulti and Page One was fighting while looking for Yamato when they met Luffy.

One Piece Manga Chapter 983 Review and Spoiler

Outside of the brothel, Usopp and Chopper managed to distract Big Mom so that Kinemon and his squad was able to run. Meanwhile, inside the brothel, Big Mom was chasing after Nami and the group under the guide of Prometheus. At Luffy’s location, Page One was injured although not by Luffy. Ulti asked who was he and Luffy introduced himself as the man who will become the Pirate King. She got angry because the one who will become Pirate King was Kaidou. She used her Skull Cannon against Luffy and blasted the whole floor. Luffy beat Page One and was about to defeat Ulti when Yamato, Kaidou’s son, helped him. Yamato grabbed Luffy and told him that he was waiting for him all this while.

Where to Read One Piece Manga Chapter 983 ?

Chapter 983 of One Piece manga was just released recently. You can read One Piece manga on any manga hosting websites available online. Happy reading!

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