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One Piece Manga Chapter 986 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey, guys, I’ve got some news for you! Today, we are going to discuss about One Piece Manga Chapter 986. But first, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter.

One Piece Manga

One Piece Manga Chapter 985 Recap

 Law and the others are met by Kanjuro who suspected the plan. Kanjuro is accompanied by two huge headless warriors riding horses. He tells a story of how Momo tried to escape. Kiku then starts charging at Kanjuro. 

The story switches its focus to Luffy and Yamato, having conversation in the attic. The chains on her body actually is a preventive device which doesn’t allow her to leave. It is even hinted that Yamato will actually join the Straw Hat crew. But before Luffy manages to take the chains off, Kaido’s speech is heard. 

Kaido has teamed up with Big Mom. He tells his men about the newly-developed power of the Marines. Big Mom throws Nami and Carrot at her feet. Kaido abruptly cuts Orochi’s head off without a slight hesitation. 

One Piece Manga Summary

One Piece follows the journey and adventure of Monkey D. Luffy. He wants to become a Pirate King and found the treasure hidden by Gold Roger, a great pirate that has been executed years ago. This world’s ultimate treasure was also known as ‘One Piece’ and anyone who found it would be acknowledged as the Pirate King. Luffy started by finding his own crew and ship before exploring the Grand Line to search for One Piece. Luffy met a swordsman, Roronoa Zoro and then joined by Nami (a navigator and thief), Usopp (a sniper and liar), Vinsmoke Sanji (a womanizing chef). They acquire as ship called Going Merry and met another crew member, Tony Chopper (a doctor who also a reindeer), Nico Robin (an archaeologist), Franky (a cyborg shipwright), and Brook (a skeletal musician and swordsman). Together, they encounter other pirates, bounty hunters, criminal organizations, and various friends and foes along their journey to pursue their dreams.

One Piece Manga Chapter 986 Prediction

This is too good to be true for the moment, but we think in the near future, Yamato will join the Straw Hat pirates. And, what are Kanjuro’s plans now that his master is dead? Will he fight Kaido or join him instead? Or, maybe, could Orochi still be alive?

One Piece Manga Chapter 986 Release Date

If you want to read One Piece manga, it is released weekly. The next chapter would probably out by next week. Make sure you check our website for further information regarding the story!

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