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One Punch Man Chapter 132 : Release Date, Plot and more

Today we will be discussing the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 132 spoiler, prediction and release date. So if u are a kind of people who dont really like spoiler you better skip to the end of this article to find out the release date. But before i will recap chapter 131.

One Punch Man Chapter 131 Recap

Metal Bat escapes the clinic, choosing to help facilitate the circumstance. He comforts his sister saying that ‘Legends never lose’. A medical attendant comes into space to discover a note on the bed. It says that the clinic should utilize the bed for somebody protected from the catastrophe. The note is from Mumen Rider. Mumen meets Tanktop Master outside and they ride to the site of pulverization. Tanktop regards Mumen for his endeavors and gallant attitude. Mumen thinks about his absence of solidarity and chooses to help the residents in emptying. The Tanktop supporters all examine the importance of Tanktops’ activity.

After a great deal of consultation, they choose to take off and act like legends. This activity moves the individuals from the Blizzard gathering. They also leave the emergency clinic. Various different legends do likewise. Suiryu and a gathering of military specialists meet. As they see the saints leaving, Suiryu says that he needs to turn into a legend. Somewhere else, Saitama is caught alongside Flashy Flash and the one-peered toward beast. Since Flash is caught, they attempt different techniques to safeguard him yet stones continue dropping on Saitama’s head. The beast even thinks carefully to bob light, making the region obvious. The section closes with Saitama getting embarrassed about his Hero name, that is, Caped Baldy. He acquaints himself as Saitama with the female beast, named Monaco.

One Punch Man Synopsis

On an unnamed super continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains mysteriously emerge and cause disasters. To combat them, the heroes of the world have risen to fight them. Saitama is one of those heroes capable of overcoming them. It comes from the metropolitan city of Z-City and easily defeats monsters and criminals with one hit. However, he is bored of his super powers because his enemies are too weak for him and only become very excited when fighting against powerful enemies that can challenge him. As long as the series progresses, Saitama encounters various superheroes, supervillains, and monsters. He has a pupil in the form of a cyborg Genos and eventually joins the Hero Association to gain official recognition. In addition, Saitama also destroys incoming meteors, defeating boss criminals like the Deep Sea King. When alien Dark Matter Thieves attacked and destroyed City A, Saitama defeated their leader Lord Boros who used a serious blow.

Saitama recognizes other superheroes in the group, becoming friends with martial artists and a superhero named King who is actually an unknown otaku. When the Hero Association executives try to recruit criminals to become superheroes, a villain named Garo emerges and starts hitting many other heroes, prompting the association to do little effort to stop him. To learn more about martial arts, Saitama enters a tournament. More ferocious monsters are beginning to emerge in different cities, wearing many heroes. A group of them kidnaps a sponsor child association. Heroes Association learns that monsters have organized into monsters associations, and they also recruit members by having fighters and others swallowing monster cells that turn them into monsters that have far more power.

During the travels of Garo and the Intertwined Heroes Association, it was discovered that monsters have made their headquarters in the abandoned area of Z-City, which happens to be only inhabited by Saitama alone. Garo finds all the S-Class, or his strongest hero ranks, and proceeds to continue the ‘ monstrification ‘ process during the battle. Eventually he met Saitama (who had been distracted with the noise of the fight), whose attitudes and powers were annoying and eventually destroyed Garo’s will, then expressed his vision for the future. Saitama, who came out of character, understands his pain, and under the threat of a defeated hero to kill Garo, Garo leaves before anyone can catch him.

One Punch Man Chapter 132 Prediction and Spoiler

One Punch Man manga 132 will probably send us back to the serious side of things. We see Metal Bat and Tanktop approaching the battlefield. We might get to see them fight some monsters. 

Mumen Rider will rescue the citizens to the best his abilities. The loads of heroes shown in this chapter will not be useful in the battle against Psykos and the Cadres. But they can protect the citizens from the slimy parts of Orochi that escaped or any rogue monsters. As we predicted before, this battle between Tatsumaki and Psykos will continue and Psykos will probably come out on top. That is when he will see Saitama or possibly Garou in action. 

Now that Genos has entered the fray, One Punch Man 132 might give him some exposure. Seeing so much damage and destruction, we are forced to wonder. Will some of the heroes die? We believe we will see one or two deaths of S-Class Heroes. Psykos merged with Orochi seems to possess phenomenal power and maybe even Tatsumaki will fall short. Saitama will manage to get out along with Flashy Flash and that is when the climax will dawn on this arc. With more fights ensuing, the upcoming battle will be extremely impressive and fans are very hyped for more.

One Punch Man Release Date

Since it is a monthly manga, One Punch Man manga 132 raw scans are expected to drop in May, probably the 3rd week. In no time, it will be picked up for scanlation. The One Punch Man raw scans will be translated, typeset and redrawn, providing us with the fan translations. The date is unspecified now but it will be in May.

Where to read One Punch Man Chapter 132

Read the upcoming ONE PUNCH MAN are available on VIZ Weekly Shonen .

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