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One Punch Man Manga Chapter 132 Release Date, Update and More

Today we will discuss all about One Punch Man Chapter 132. However, let’s talk about the previous chapter first.

One Punch Man Chapter 132

One Punch Man Chapter 131 Recap

The previous chapter tells about the news of a large scale cataclysm which just occurred in Z-City and it’s also the location of the base monster association. The hero association reports that they have dispatched S-Class heroes to the scene. Metal Bat then escapes the clinic and comforts his sister by telling her that legends never lose.  Then, a medical attendant found a note written by mumen rider on the hospital bed, saying that the beds will be needed for someone rescued from the disaster that will happen soon. 

Outside the hospital, Mumen meets tanktop master, and both are heading to the scene of the base monster. Meanwhile, in the hospital, tanktoppers are gathered and discuss about what they should do next. After a great deal of consultation with tanktop professor, they finally choose to take off and go to the scene to help their master fighting against the monster in the site of the base monster association. Other superheroes are also heading toward the scene, and so does Suiryu. Meanwhile, Saitama attempts different technique to save Flashy Flash, but he kept on caught stones dropping towards his head. Monaco called Saitama a new nickname called “caped baldie”, but they kind of get along well and work together to help Flashy Flash.

One Punch Man Synopsis

Saitama is an average looking guy in a world full of superheroes and villains. There’s nothing stand out and special about him, from his sluggish personality to his lifeless expression, not to mention his bald appearance. However, when danger streaks, he turns into one powerful superhero with insane power and unbeatable ability, knocking down his opponents using a single punch. 

With his great ability, no wonder he can beat any opponents and monsters easily which makes him bored. One day, he encounters young cyborg Genos who would like to be Saitama’s disciple and eventually joins the Hero Association. The story then continues when Saitama starts learning about martial arts and encounters new monsters and supervillains along the way.

One Punch Man Chapter 132 Prediction

Since we have seen Metal Bat and Tank Top approaching the battlefield, there might be a battle scene in the next chapter to fight some monsters. Mumen Rider will probably rescue the citizens. Besides, there are a lot of S-class heroes being sent into the battlefield, and we will know the further story of the battle in the next chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 132 Release Date

The latest update of One Punch Man Chapter 131 was around 3 weeks ago and the chapter 132 was supposed to be updated this week. However, on 14th May 2020, Yusuke Murata (the creator of One Punch Man manga version) updated via his official twitter that the One Punch Man Chapter 132 release date will face some delay, because the battle scene between Child Emperor and Phoenix Man are being redrawn. Therefore, make sure to check our websites for further updates of this manga.

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