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One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be discussing about One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133, but first let’s get a recap of the previous chapter.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 132 Recap

Psykos was standing above the tower after Tatsumaki split the area surrounds them and lifted the entire base. Tatsumaki was trying to use her power to Psykos but she retaliated with even greater power. It could even lift some part of the sea. Tatsumaki was wondering where did the power source came from. Psykos boasting her power, but then Orochi was trying to take over her body. All living entities will get absorbed through it’s flesh roots and became one massive thought entity. It was like a star itself. Tatsumaki told her that it was stupid. Controlling everything with someone else’s power and then left alone by herself was just stupid. Psykos got mad and try to attack Tatsumaki with all her power and her monsters.

One Punch Man Manga Synopsis

Saitama is an average looking guy in a world full of superheroes and villains. There’s nothing stand out and special about him, from his sluggish personality to his lifeless expression, not to mention his bald appearance. However, when danger streaks, he turns into one powerful superhero with insane power and unbeatable ability, knocking down his opponents using a single punch. 

With his great ability, no wonder he can beat any opponents and monsters easily which makes him bored. One day, he encounters young cyborg Genos who would like to be Saitama’s disciple and eventually joins the Hero Association. The story then continues when Saitama starts learning about martial arts and encounters new monsters and super villains along the way.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133 Prediction

What will happen next? Tatsumaki might have a hard time to defeat Psykos and Orochi. She might need some help from the heroes and especially from Saitama. The next chapter might reveal the winner of this battle. Let’s just hope that the heroes didn’t lose. 

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133 Release Date

One Punch Man manga was published regularly, the latest chapter was posted on July 6th, and the next chapter will be out in the coming days. English translation will become available a few days later. You can read One Punch Man manga on any websites online. Check our websites for further story-related information!

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