Domestic Na Kanojo

Perfect Domestic Life

In this opportunity, I’d like to discuss something that reminds me of Domestic na Kanojo Manga. Shown in the chapter 276.2 of this manga, it’s the perfect domestic life between Hina and Natsuo. As you might know, this manga series is drawing to a close. But before we talk about that, let me refresh your memory with a short summary of Domestic na Kanojo manga. Domestic na Kanojo follows the life of a high school student named Natsuo Fujii, who falls in love with his teacher, Tachibana Hina. Natsuo decided to go to a mixer along with his friends to forget about his unrequited love. In the mixer, he encountered a strange girl, named Tachibana Rui. Rui and Natsuo got along better since they were not usually participate in a mixer. Rui asked Natsuo to do something for her. It turns out that Rui is curious about having sex for the ‘first time’ and asks Natsuo to be her partner. Natsuo agreed because she thought Rui is similar to Hina, and that he wants to forget his feeling towards Hina.

Perfect Domestic Life

After doing so, both Natsuo and Rui agree to not see each other again. It was like a one-night stand. In the meantime, having been single for years, Natsuo’s father wanted to remarry. He married a woman named Tachibana Tokiko, who currently had two daughters. The daughters will soon become Natsuo’s stepsisters and they were Hina and Rui Tachibana.  Living together with both girls in the same house has put Natsuo in a big dilemma. It created a love triangle in the same house.

This manga has good ratings among its reader. Unexpected storyline, well-thought pace and beautiful art were some of the reason why this manga is so popular. And due to its popularity, Domestic na Kanojo has been adapted into anime with the same title. Sasuga Kei-sensei wrote this series in 2014 and published it in weekly Shuukan Shounen Magazine. After several volumes, this manga was collected into tankoubon (stand-alone book/volume). Per February 17th, 2020, twenty six volumes have been released. After reading chapter 276.2, we can see how Natsuo and Hina started their domestic life as husband and wife. Natsuo loved Hina since he was still a high schooler, and thus his love for Hina runs deep.

After getting married, Rui and Haruka left home for a week and gave the opportunity for the newlywed to taste their new domestic life. Hina treat Natsuo as her husband. She made coffee for him and cook together with him, just like an ordinary wife. In the end, Hina talked to Natsuo about her worries and he simply told her that they were learning together about solving issues and other aspect of their relationship. It was part of being a married couple and, in my view, it acts as the basis for their perfect domestic life. So, what do you think? Do you agree with me? If you’re curious about this manga, you can read Domestic na Kanojo in Shuukan Shounen magazine or in any reliable websites. 

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