Spoiler Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 161

Spoiler Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 160 Release Date and More

Here’s some news for you guys on Dr. Stone manga: let’s discuss the upcoming chapter 160. We provide recap of chapter 159, so you guys can quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!

Spoiler Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 160

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 159 Recap

Dr. Xeno finally realized that the leader of the enemy wasn’t Dr. Taiju, but it was Senku Ishigami. Stan started to change his target, but he didn’t know which one was Senku. Dr. Xeno found a disc containing Senku’s voice and by hearing it, he can guess his height. Not long after that, he told Stan to look for 19 years old male about 5 feet seven. Stan found three person matched the characteristic on the deck. He was about to strike when Ryusui yelled that there was a sniper and everyone must hide. During the mess, Stan confirms to Dr. Xeno whether he wants Senku dead. Dr. Xeno affirmed it. Stan took the shot toward Senku. Senku hide himself and made a bullet proof vest from a mixture of potato starch and water. The bullet pierced through the wood and hit the sack containing the mixture.

Dr. Stone Manga Synopsis 

The story centers around Taiju Ooki, a regular high school student who would like to admit his feelings to Yuzuhira Ogawa after five years of silence. However, just before his confession, a mysterious green light suddenly appears and strikes the earth and somehow turns every single human being into a stone. Thousands of years later, Taiju wakes up to find that the modern world has been completely banished, leaving nature thriving with the stones of human statues here and there. Taiju then meets another living human being, Senkuu, and both would like to bring humanity back to science. Unfortunately, their plan does not seem to run smoothly as they meet another survivor, Tsukasa, who would like to build his own empire. Taiju and Senkuu eventually have to work with each other to defeat Tsukasa ‘s plan and bring back humanity.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 160 Prediction and Spoiler 

I really like this manga. Hopefully, Senku didn’t die this time either. He was the only one who can lead others in the current stone-age world. We might see how Senku and the other guys would try to catch Stan in the next chapter. And obviously, Luna won’t be able to run away from their interrogation knowing that she was the enemy’s spy.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 160 Release Date

Do you guys want to read Dr. Stone manga Chapter 160? The last chapter was published on July 19th. This manga was released weekly. So, most likely we will get another new chapter soon! You guys can read Dr. Stone on any manga hosting websites online. Stay tuned on our website if you don’t wanna miss it out! 

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