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Spoiler Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 402 Out Now

Hello guys, what a day! Haikyuu Manga Chapter 402 is out now! So, here and now, I’m going to review the chapter, but before that we will have a recap on the previous chapter. Are you getting excited? Well, let’s go!

Haikyuu!! Manga

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 401 Recap

The competition between Hinata and Kageyama elevated to something so tense. The chapter was opened by Hinata trying to hit the ball in which Kageyama on the other side of the net blocked it and sent the ball back to Hinata’s side. However, the ball could be controlled again, and Hinata got the second chance to hit the ball which now led to a score. Therefore, MSBY Black Jackals, Hinata’s team, won the game by 3-1. Adding one win, Hinata now had the score of 1,096 wins and 1,100 losses. This was just the first game of the season, so there would be more interesting games ahead. After the match, Romero said to Hinata that they would win the next match then he asked Hinata to take a photo with his son, Rubben. Oh, I forgot to mention that they spoke in Portuguesse. Wow, just how many languages did Hinata speak? Anyway, Bokuto was interviewed by Akashi for the weekly Shonen Vai. Akashi said that Bokuto was in the top of his form, but Bokuto did not think so. They had a stupid argumentations before Akashi rephrase his thought of Bokuto. 

On the other side, Hinata was going to meet someone from JVA who later was known to be Kuroo Tetsuroo. Kuroo wanted to make a video collaboration with Hinata. At another place, Enaga was interviewing Hoshiumi and asked what Hoshiumi thought of Hinata. Hoshiumi said that Hinata was a very good player but Hinata only one-inch better than Hoshiumi. The last part of the story showed us the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium where Hinata and Kageyama stood together in the Japanese national team of volleyball.

Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 402 Review and Spoiler

The chapter showed us the hustle and bustle of the olympic competition. Athletes from around the world came to Japan. It was also shown that everyone in Japan was so hyped about the Olympics. It was in August at the 12th day of Tokyo 2020 olympic men’s volleyball when Japan was going to play against Argentina. There were Kageyama and Hinata in the Japanese national team, they both were the best combination. The setter from Argentina national team was Oikawa Tooru who apparently was also Hinata’s friend. The game has started! It was so tense, both teams were very competitive in which later the combination between Kageyama and Hinata scored a point. The last part of the chapter showed us the Palalottomatica stadium in Rome. Apparently, Kageyama and Hinata faced each other again in the World Men’s Volleyball Championship.

This chapter basically told us what happened in the 2020 olympic championship in a brief. Then, after Kageyama and Hinata were on the same team playing for the Japanese national team of volleyball, they both would play against each other for their own teams. Who’s gonna win? Nobody can tell. The score between them was more than a thousand and it wouldn’t stop just yet. Well, the next chapter we will surely know who’s gonna win.

Where to Read Haikyuu!! Manga Chapter 402

Things are getting so tense from time to time! So if you don’t want to get behind the story, you can read Haikyuu!! Manga chapter 402 on your favorite website to read manga. But, don’t forget to check our website for another review and spoiler!

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