Spoiler Kingdom Manga Chapter 652

Spoiler Kingdom Manga Chapter 652 Release Date and More

Hey, guys, today, we are gonna talk about Kingdom manga chapter 652! However, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter to remind you what happened. Let’s go!

Spoiler Kingdom Manga Chapter 652

Kingdom Manga Chapter 651 Recap

The war between Moubu army and Juuko Chu began with the same number of troops. Obviously, Juuko army with Man’u as the supreme commander was able to slightly win the fight. Seeing the Enba unit was being slaughtered, Mouba went to help the unit. Feeling impatient, Sento’un army moved to attack the left wing without any signal. Suddenly, some troops entered the war. It was Tou’s army with 20000 men. Rukoumi’s unit attacked the right wing with 10000 men, and Tou’s unit attacked the left wing also with 10000 men. However, without Wei army help, Moubu and Tou army wouldn’t be able to defeat Juuko army. Added to the surprise, another army joined the war. It was from Chu army with 30000 men which apparently would help Juuko army.

Kingdom Manga Synopsis 

The story takes place during the Warring States Period of ancient China (476-221 BCE) centering on the journey of an unknown boy and young king as they try to change the kingdom’s course of history where it will lead to their destiny being marked by violence and pain.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 652 Spoiler

The war was getting tense! Moubu got help from Tou, and Juuko got help from Chu. Supposedly, in the next chapter, we will hear the news from Wei army. Will they come? What if they do not come? Well, let’s keep the hype up and read the next chapter.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 652 Release Date

If you’re curious about the next chapter, you must read Kingdom Manga chapter 651 first. The latest was just updated, so chapter 652 would probably be out next week. You can read Kingdom Manga on any manga hosting websites online. Don’t forget to check our website and stay updated about this story!

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