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Spoiler Kingdom Manga Chapter 653 Release Date and More

Hey, guys, today, we are gonna talk about Kingdom manga chapter 653! However, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter to remind you what happened. Let’s go!

Kingdom Manga

Kingdom Manga Chapter 652 Recap

With Chu army joined the battle, Moubu and Tou were almost impossible to win the war. Therefore, Mou Ki sounded the retreat gong for Moubu army. Meanwhile, Chu army was able to attack Rokuoumi’s troops. On the other hand, Moubu was seemingly not going to retreat and keep on fighting the Juuko army. At this time of despair, another army was coming to the battle. It was from Wei army! Moubu army was so happy to see Wei army coming. Subsequently, Wei army sent an envoy to Moubu HQ to confirm Wei’s three-year alliance with Moubu. After Junei, the envoy came back to Wei army, Houmei then began the fight of Wei and Qin army with Chu and Juuko army.

Kingdom Manga Synopsis 

The story takes place during the Warring States Period of ancient China (476-221 BCE) centering on the journey of an unknown boy and young king as they try to change the kingdom’s course of history where it will lead to their destiny being marked by violence and pain.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 653 Spoiler

With the help from Wei army, will Moubu army win the war? They probably will win the war, but Juuko and Chu army won’t just stand there and watch. They will come all out to fight Moubu, Tou, and Wei army. The next chapter will be more fun!

Kingdom Manga Chapter 653 Release Date

I know you feel hyped to the story. To get more understanding of the story, you may read Kingdom Manga chapter 652 which was just out today. Besides, the next chapter isn’t out yet and maybe will be published next week. With that being said, read Kingdom Manga on any website to read comic out there. Well, don’t forget to visit this site like every day!

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