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Spoiler One Piece Manga Chapter 988 Release Date and More

Hey guys, today we will be talking about chapter 988 of One Piece Manga. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, don’t worry because we also provide the previous chapter recap!

One Piece Manga

Recap of One Piece Manga Chapter 987

Each of the Nine Red Scabbards struck different parts of Kaido’s body, and Kaido himself was surprised when he realized that they were able to hurt him. All of Kaido’s men tried to help their leader, but Hyogoro and other yakuza warriors hindered their way. Kaido transformed into his dragon form and headen into the top of the dome. Kin’emon and the other Nine Red Scabbards also followed him. Kaido said that this scene reminded him when he fought and defeated them. But the Nine Red Scabbards also reminded him that now they had warriors of Mink Tribe with them, who had special powers in full moon.  

In the dome, Luffy and Yamato were about to begin their battle against Kaido’s subordinates and Big Mom. While other allies, such as Zoro, Kid, Marco and Law were also wreaking havoc in other parts of the castle. It was a full scale war on Onigashima!

One Piece Manga Synopsis

One Piece follows the journey and adventure of Monkey D. Luffy. He wants to become a Pirate King and found the treasure hidden by Gold Roger, a great pirate that has been executed years ago. This world’s ultimate treasure was also known as ‘One Piece’ and anyone who found it would be acknowledged as the Pirate King. Luffy started by finding his own crew and ship before exploring the Grand Line to search for One Piece. Luffy met a swordsman, Roronoa Zoro and then joined by Nami (a navigator and thief), Usopp (a sniper and liar), Vinsmoke Sanji (a womanizing chef). They acquire as ship called Going Merry and met another crew member, Tony Chopper (a doctor who also a reindeer), Nico Robin (an archaeologist), Franky (a cyborg shipwright), and Brook (a skeletal musician and swordsman). Together, they encounter other pirates, bounty hunters, criminal organizations, and various friends and foes along their journey to pursue their dreams.

One Piece Manga Chapter 988 Prediction and Spoiler

So will Kin’emon and others be able to take Kaido Down? What is the Mink Tribe’s secret power in full moon? And will Luffy be able to bring down Big Mom?

One Piece Manga Chapter 988 Release Date

One Piece Manga releases regularly, and chapter 987 was published on August 7, 2020. You can read One Piece Manga Chapter 987 on manga hosting website of your choice. So the next chapter should be coming soon. You can read One Piece Manga on manga hosting websites online. Don’t forget to check on our next update about this manga!

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