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Spoiler One Punch Man Manga Chapter 134 Release Date and More

Today we will be discussing about One Punch Man Manga Chapter 134, but first let’s get a recap of the previous chapter.

One Punch Man Manga

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 133 Recap

As King was evacuating people, Tatsumaki attacked Psykos with thousands of stones. However, the attack was useless because Psykos was able to defend firmly. Added to the surprise, Tatsumaki disguised herself as an energy and went inside Psykos’s body to blow it up from inside. As Tatsumaki thought she won, Psykos attacked her and would end Tatsumaki. Thanks to Genos who saved Tatsumaki right on time, Tatsumaki was saved. Genos then attacked Psykos back, but Psykos was able to deflect it. Tatsumaki and Genos subsequently worked together to defeat Psykos. On the other hand, Saitama was still making his way out.

One Punch Man Manga Synopsis

Saitama is an average looking guy in a world full of superheroes and villains. There’s nothing stand out and special about him, from his sluggish personality to his lifeless expression, not to mention his bald appearance. However, when danger streaks, he turns into one powerful superhero with insane power and unbeatable ability, knocking down his opponents using a single punch. 

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 134 Spoiler

What will happen after Tatsumaki and Genos work together? Surely, Psykos will have a hard time fighting both of them. Well, let’s wait the next chapter to know what will happen. Keep reading if you want to read the next chapter.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 134 Release Date

This manga’s story was so great! Surely, you must read One Punch Man manga chapter 133 to understand how great the story is. Besides, we can’t read the chapter 134 just yet, because chapter 133 was just released. However, chapter 134 will surely be there soon, so keep your belt up and wait for the coming chapter. Don’t forget to read One Punch Man manga on any comic-reading website. Check other info on our sites, too!

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