The Grimoires of Black Clover


For those reading Black Clover manga, you must be familiar with Grimoires. Most grimoire in the Clover Kingdom is three-leaf clover but sometimes rare grimoires also exist such as the four-leaf clover grimoires or even the fifth-leaf clover grimoires. Let’s talk some more about this mysterious book. 

What are grimoires? Grimoires in Black Clover is the book of spells. This is a book that allows his user to cast specific spells far in advance of their magical abilities. This book is the main source of power for Magic Knights. Grimoires enhance its user’s ability to use magic. In Black Clover, grimoire was kept in a Grimoire Towers scattered around the kingdom. Grimoire was claimed during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony after a child turns 15 years old.

Even those with a small level of magic could claim their grimoire in this ceremony. Most grimoires received during this ceremony has empty pages. It would grow and develop along with its owner where new magic spells are inscribed into the book to fill the blank pages. When in use, grimoire would levitate in front of its owner and follow the mage wherever they go. Since grimoire is connected to its owner, no mage can use other’s grimoire. Grimoire will disintegrate when its owner dies. 


Like I said before, most grimoires in the Clover Kingdom is three-leaf clover. It has no specific name and mostly called grimoires, but it has different colors and patterns on its covers. In the manga itself, all grimoire was colorless but from watching the anime, we could imagine the color of a grimoire. It would highly depend on its owner. The three-leaf clover was said to represent Faith, Hope, and Love.

Several grimoires were unique such as the four-leaf clover grimoire owned by Yuno. It is said that the four-leaf clover grimoire would bring good luck to its owner (due to the extra leaf which represents Luck). Asta, the MC, has the five-leaf clover grimoire. It is said that once the owner of four-leaf clover grimoire falls into despair, his grimoire would be corrupted by the hatred and despair of its owner. During this process, this grimoire would turn black and develops the fifth-leaf. This five-leaf clover grimoire can be taken by the devil and use the book to manifest their true power.

Unlike ordinary grimoire, the five-leaf clover grimoire did not disintegrate after the owner dies. Instead, it went dormant and would be activated when a compatible user was around. One interesting fact about grimoire is that it is possible to combine two grimoires into one. The Diamond Kingdom has done such a technique by combining Marth’s and Fana’s grimoire. Another unique grimoire was grimoire owned by Julius Novachrono, the Magic Emperor. As a magic mania, he has various time-based spells in his coverless grimoire. Yes, Julius’s grimoire has no cover. 


Do you know that grimoires also exist in the real world? It is commonly believed that the word grimoires originated from the old French word grammaire, which initially refers to all books written in Latin. According to some people, grimoires are books on magic that can be used to create magical objects and amulets, perform charms, spells, and divination also summons supernatural entities such as angels, demons, or spirits. Its function was quite similar to those in Black Clover. So what do you think about grimoires? Interested in having one? If you’re curious about the grimoires depicted above, you can always read Black Clover manga in Viz or shonen jump.

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