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Top 5 of Saitama’s Strongest Enemies

Who does not know one punch man manga. Even the anime series is popular. Saitama is one of the protagonist in the manga that is famous for its power to be defeated. However, is it because he is really strong or because his enemy is weak?. There are some enemies of Saitama that can belong to a very strong enemy. Who are they? Here are the Top 5 of Saitama’s Strongest Enemies

5. Deep Sea King

Deep Sea King

This large muscular being with dark-green skin all over his body is not only scary to look at, but deadly in terms of power. He is a sadistic monster who takes enjoyment in starting fights and hurting others. His goal is to take earth’s surface to rule for himself. To him, humans are nothing more than food, and simply serve as the bottom rank of the food chain. He is able to fight on par, and even defeat a few S-Class Heroes. Puri-puri Prisoner was not even a match for the Sea King. One of his unique attacks is using the Body Moray or Tainai Utsubo: a long eel-like creature from his mouth, which he can use to bite and tear his opponents. Beside that, he also has extreme regenerative speed and immense physical might.

4. Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic is probably one of the fastest villains in Once-Punch Man. His fighting ability is on the same level as an S-Class Hero, especially in terms of speed. What makes him deadly beside his speed, is his determination to surpass opponents stronger than him. After he got defeated by Saitama, Sonic trained intensely in order to beat Saitama one day. He makes this his end goal, even willing to do anything, as far as trading his own humanity. This is shown when he becomes a monster by consuming a Monster Cell given by Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame. Usually, Sonic uses Ninja Weaponry, like Ninjatō, Kunai, Mizugumo, Smokescreen Shuriken and Exploding Shuriken.

3. Carnage Kabuto

Carnage Kabuto

Carnage is an artificial mutant created by Dr. Genus, and the strongest creation of the House of Evolution. He is an unstable being, having insatiable bloodlust, although being extremely intelligent. He views himself as superior to all humans. His natural survival instinct is also incredible. When most people fail to recognize Saitama’s true power, Kabuto sensed his true sense and briefly stopped attacking Saitama. Kabuto has a “Carnage Mode”, where he goes on a week-long rampage and becomes unstoppable. According to Genos, even with his G4 upgrades, Ganos still cannot defeat Kabuto.

2. Garou


Garo is a former disciple of Silver Fang, an S-Class Hero, but was expelled from his dojo after brutally injured his fellow disciples. He self-proclaimed himself with the title “Hero Hunter”, as the name suggests, due to his habit of hunting down heroes, including even the members of the S-Class. Garou practices martial arts skills, inhuman speed, and possesses extreme healing factor. He would use painful techniques such as twisting his enemy’s arms and muscles. His hatred towards heroes stemmed from his childhood experiences. The popular children at school took enjoyment in abusing him. They forced him to play Heroes, but Garou was always beaten as he played the role of the monster.

1. Boros


Boros is so far one of the most powerful being to ever exist in the One-Punch Man’s universe. His goal was to seek someone who is stronger than him. Like Saitama, he suffers an existential crisis too when he realizes he has become too strong to ever find a worthy opponent. He travelled the universe, and based on a seer’s prophecy, he found Earth. He managed to make Saitama show a little effort, and even make Saitama’s body and clothes look dirty. He also survived multiple hits from Saitama, making him the first enemy who survived a normal punch from Saitama, and even was strong enough to kick him to the moon. When Saitama punched him to pieces, with his extremely powerful regenerative ability, Boros even put his body back together.

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