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Top 5 Youngest and Strongest Characters in Boruto Manga

Boruto is a Japanese manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. This Manga tells about the story of Naruto’s son named Boruto with his adventures. There are many new young characters who are very strong in this manga. who are they ?. here is we have the top 5 youngest and strongest characters in Boruto manga that you should know.

boruto manga

5. Shikadai Nara

Shikadai Nara

Shikadai is a chūnin of Konohagakura and the only child of Shikamaru dan Temari Nara. He is considered as a prodigy amongst the Nara clan. His personality takes after that of his father. He is enthusiastic and intelligent, but also extremely lazy. With his talents, he became the first of his class to become a chūnin. His thinking that is similar to his father, which is very mysterious and complex, makes him one of the dangerous ninjas even at his age of 12 years old. He is very good at reading his opponent’s moves and tactics, and properly creating countermeasures to react to it.

4. Shinki


Shinki, as a young boy who can’t control his power, was adopted and guided by Gaara. As a twelve-year old, Shinki displays matured characters like wanting to resolve things peacefully. He has the seriousness of an adult, that even his uncle, Kankurō, is afraid of making him angry. He is known as a puppeteer, using a skeleton-like puppet which is controlled using his sand. He excels at Fūinjutsu too, so his puppets are carried more easily.

3. Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha

With parents like Sasuka and Sakura, no doubt Sarada has the potential to be one of the most powerful genin at her age. Sarada, as the descendant of the Uchiha clan, first awakened her Sharingan at the age of 11. Her overall skills are mostly better than any of her peers. Her ninjutsu specialty is shurikenjutsu, which is proven by getting the highest marks in class. She also gained proficiency in Medical Ninjutsu. Sarada possesses both Sasuke’s and Sakura’s extraordinary talents, intellect, and skills, making her one of the twelve years olds with insane potential.

2. Boruto


The son of the legendary Naruto, Boruto, twelve years old, is surprisingly more mature and knowledgeable than his father. Even though he has high opinion of himself and brags about his skills freely, he does not look down on anyone else and is very loyal to his friends. Kakashi considers him to be well-above the rest of his class. One unique powerful trait that Boruto has, is his very large chakra reserves. He also easily learned Rasengan, able to effectively use it after only a few days of training. Boruto, subconsciously, began to activate Jōgan in his right eye. He can perceive the flow of chakra, determine its pathway system and its key points.

1. Mitsuki


As a synthetic human created by Orochimaru, Mitsuki is designed to be perfect. When Orochimaru was in the process of erasing his memories, Mutsuki mastered Sage Transformation. It is an ability that is only achieved by a select few before him. His signature technique is the Soft Physique Modification technique. He is able to stretch and contort his arms to use as weapons. Besides all of that, Mitsuki is also observant in combat, and has acquired advanced knowledge of mathematics. It is no doubt that Mitsuki is one of the strongest amongst his generation.

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