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Top 6 Most Epic Fights in Boku no Hero Academia Manga

Boku no hero Academia manga tells about a boy name  Izuku Midoriya wants to transform into a Hero even though he was harassed by the ruthless Dear colleague Katsuki Bakugo for coming short on Quirk. A long the this manga we see so many scene among the characters. and here is we will show you the Top 6 Most Epic Fights in Boku no Hero Academia Manga.

6. Mirio Togata vs Class 1-A

Mirio Togata vs Class 1-A

This is a battle fought between Class 1-A and Third-Year U.A. Student Mirio Togata. Since Tamaki Amajiki is too afraid to speak and Nejire Hado gets too distracted, Mirio tries to explain by showing rather than telling. He challenges all Class 1-A who earned their provisional licenses to fight him simultaenously. His quirk is very interesting, he can move through solid objects and let objects flying through him. He had to go through extreme training to be able to manage his ability. Mirio then managed to beat up every single one of the students of Class 1-A. This is such a cool fight showing the power difference in seniority, and provides really good lessons for the junior students.

5. Shota Aizawa vs. Villains

Shota Aizawa vs. Villains

Probably the first impressions of many of the fans when seeing Aizawa was that he is not really a strong hero, he seems lazy and unmotivated. But his quirk becomes apparently powerful when the USJ incident happened. When his students were in danger, attacked by the league of villain, he intervened and managed to fight off multiple enemies by himself. This fight is ranked better than Mirio’s fight against class 1-A, not only because of Aizawa took the fans by surprise, but also because of what was at stake: the survival of the students. This is no doubt one of the coolest one-versus-many fights out there.

4. Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida vs Hero Killer Stain

Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida vs Hero Killer Stain

Hero Killer Stain is one of the most unique villains in this series. He has this anti-hero tendency. Inherently, he isn’t evil, he just wants to remove false hero that he doesn’t deem worthy, those, who in his eyes, do not align with All Might’s values. He actually admires All Might despite his appearance and behaviour. This fight is interesting because the three who fought Hero Killer Stain are somehow related to his ideology: Midoriya who is most likely going to be the successor of All Might, Todoroki as the son of a false hero, and Iida who seeks revenge for his brother. With the surroundings of a small alley, this fight where the heroes utilized the space to fight the villain, is entertaining and full of meaning.

3. Deku vs Muscular

Deku vs Muscular

The battle is initiated when Muscular attacked Kota, a young boy whose relationship with Midoriya was not so good. This battle is so important because it really affects Kota, who before the battle, had harboured hatred towards hero, because of his parents’ death. He felt like he was left abandoned. And nonetheless, the villain who killed his parents are Muscular. So this battle was really emotional for Kota, and a big struggle for Deku, since he never fought someone as powerful as Muscular, who is capable of killing pro heroes. In the battle, Deku was bruised and beaten, but he kept standing and showed Deku of what a hero must do. This later changed Kota’s views on heroes.

2. Deku and All Might VS Wolfram

Deku and All Might VS Wolfram

This battle is from the My Hero Academia movie. The villain, Wolfram, equipped David’s invention, the Quirk Amplification Device. Wolfram got an enormous power boost and he uses his improved power to manipulate metal. This is the only instance Deku and All Might fought together. All Might and Deku had to go all out to defeat this enemy, making it one of the most epic battles in all parts of the series. This fight also occurred before All Might lost his powers forever, and thus making it very memorable and significant.

1. All Might vs All For One

All Might vs All For One

The last but most definitely not the least, All Might vs All For One. This is a symbolic battle between good and evil, peace and destruction. This fight bears too big of a significance, due to the fact that it is a clash between two ideas. The battle itself is very awesome, since we get to see two really powerful beings fighting each other. Shockwaves and debris were flying here and there, indicating two mighty force are clashing. Plus, we can see All Might focuses the last of One For All power into his arm, thus defeating All For One in the process, securing his victory. Then, finally, we can see All Might raises his fist and stands victorious as the world watches the Symbol of Peace finishing his last duty, bringing hope once again for all people.

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