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Top 6 Most Heart-wrenching Moments in Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a popular manga nowdays, the story follows Tanjiro Kamado, a little youngster who turns into an evil presence slayer after his family is butchered and his more youthful sister Nezuko is transformed into a devil. Behind a story that impressed full of fights and powers. Actually, there are some scenes which is very touching . And here is we will show you the top 6 most heart – wrenching moments in Kimetsu No Yaiba Manga.

6. Tanjiro meeting Muzan Kibutsuji

This scene is hearwrenching, we can feel Tanjiro’s helplessness in this situation. One day, Tanjiro finally smelled the scent of Muzan and he ran to the source of the scent. He then found the real Muzan and grabbed him by his shoulder in the middle of the busy street. The demon who killed his whole family was right there in front of his eyes, but those eyes showed mixed emotions. Muzan was seen carrying a young human child with him who called him Papa. Muzan also has a wife, and she was human too. This is heartbreaking from Tanjiro’s perspective, because he knows that both Muzan’s wife and daughter might not know who Muzan truly is. Moreover, a passer-by was turned into a demon by Muzan, in order to create havoc so that Muzan can escape and not drawing attention. This definitely makes Tanjiro feels partly responsible, that a human’s life has to be sacrificed in front of him like hata.

5. Nezuko’s Transformation into a demon

Nezuko’s Transformation into a demon

Like adding salt to injury, Tanjiro still has to find out that the only family who still survives, Nezuko, opened her eyes, but she is no longer human. His worries of his beloved sweet sister were rewarded with a horrifying new face of Nezuko, filled with killing intent. It is, without a doubt, heart-breaking to see someone that we love, turns into something that is a resemblance of a monster. Then, when Tanjiro tried to tap into her remaining conscience, we could see the both of them crying. It is almost impossible not to be moved by this.

4. Fate of Sabito and Makomo

When Tanjiro was training to become a demon slayer, he was stuck in his training. He couldn’t pass Urokodaki’s final test: splitting a boulder using his sword. and his teacher, Urokodaki, left him. Tanjiro then was faced by two fighters, Sabito and Makomo. Sabito then challenged him in order for Tanjiro to understand Urokodaki’s teachings. It turns out that both Sabito and Makomo are ghosts. They were killed by a hand Demon, amongst other Urokodaki’s students. It is even shown how they died and tortured, and they were just children no less.

3. Urokodaki’s Tears

Urokodaki’s Tears

When Tanjiro returns from the Final Selection, Urokodaki hugs Tanjiro nad Nezuko. Tears can be seen flowing beneath his mask. This really a tear-jerker after we realize how Urokodaki’s thirteen apprentices were killed by the Hand Demon. Besides Giyu, Urokodaki is the only student who made it out there alive. What’s tragic is the fact that the demon itself was brought in by Urokodaki for the Final Selection. This really pained his heart to see those children killed by the very demon he captured and used in the Final Selection. This is why the tears were so meaningful, Tanjiro’s return triggers those tears.

2. Rui’s Death

Rui’s Death

Rui was born weak and frail, his human body is easily stressed. He spends most of his life trapped within his home, cared for by his parents. One day, Muzan who pretended to be a doctor, promising a stronger body for Rui, came into their house and changed Rui into a demon. Rui then killed a man out of hunger. When his parents tried to stop him by killing him, out of anger, Rui killed them. He thought they weren’t his real parents and didn’t love him. But Rui remembered that his parents mentioned that they both would follow Rui to the afterlife after his death, and it made him briefly realize they both loved him after all. However, Rui still chose to believe the lie until his death. The saddening part is the fact that his parents’ souls still loved him even after all these times, and even willing to go to Hell with Rui.

1. Tanjiro found out that his family is butchered

Tanjiro found out that his family is butchered

Tanjiro went off selling coals to the town even though it was a heavy snow outside. There was a scene where the whole family was seen so wholesome together, living peacefully in harmony, and just Tanjiro being the responsible eldest brother that he was. But when Tanjiro came home and the air smelled bloody, he was shocked when he realized his whole family was butchered. No one really knows what kind of trauma that kind of scene leaves on one’s mind. This is definitely one of the saddest moments in the series.

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