Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 129.1

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 129.1 Spoiler Out Now

Hey guys, chapter 129.1 of Tsugumomo is out now! Let’s review the chapter together. We also provide a recap of chapter 128 in case you guys need it.

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 129.1

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 128 Recap

Three days before entering the Novel World, Kazuya asks Shinobu to be his Tsukumogami, and Shinobu agrees. A few days after, Shinobi is lecturing Kazuya to be a better owner. Then, they encounter a minor monster, even though the place has so many people around. Kazuya then lures the monster to somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people around. Eventually, Kazuya manages to capture the monster. Shinobi is glad because she is used this time. The three of them go back home after that, even though the puddings are tarnished because of the fight.

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 129.1 Review

In Tsuzura temple, Ouhi and Ouna are sharing information about monsters appearing throughout Japan. Since it’s caused by the seal of Kagami Kanaka, they need the cooperation of Miss Arumi. Kaguya is relaying the techniques he learned to the others. 

At Tsuzura Temple Third Dojo, Kazuya and Sunao are sparring. In the end, Sunao uses Secret Sword, Habakiri, but it was stopped because it’s too much. After that, Kazuya teaches Sunao to use the External Spirit Sense. Feeling frustrated because she can’t learn it, Sunao wants to be taught other technique. Kazuya agrees, though the learning process is a little embarrassing. 

Ouhi and Ouna then asks Arumi to do some reading of Kamioka’s future. There does not seem to be any significant changes, and they seem relieved. 

Hijiogi likes to be paired with Akito, and Akito agrees. Arumi is a bit jealous about how close the both of them are. She then asks Mimane to change her body to Akito’s body. But when Arumi gets naked with Akito, Mimane comes in. She is embarrassed because it was the real Akito that she tries to have sex with. After that, Arumi decides to do it with Mimane’s version of Akito.

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If you guys want to read Tsugumomo Manga chapter 129.1, it is available now on the most reliable websites out there. Make sure to always check our website for more updates like this!

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