Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 131

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 131 Release Date, Updates and More

Here’s some news for you guys on Tsugumomo manga: let’s discuss the upcoming chapter 131. We provide recap of chapter 130, so you guys can quickly remember the plot when they finally release the newest chapter!


Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 130 Recap

In Tsuzura Temple, Shinobu was looking for Mimane. Mimane told him about how Arumi and Kyouka was using him to do silhouette technique and therefore his spiritual power was depleting. Arumi and Kazuya were eating pudding in front of the small shrine. While in Kanara Shrine in Kamioka, Madarai was doing all the chores for the god, Kanayama Taguri in order to pay her debt. She was doing the cleaning, laundry, office work and cooking. Madarai remember how he got stuck into a little girl’s body thanks to Haniya. Madarai was trying hard to run away from the temple, although he still can’t do it.

Tsugumomo Manga Synopsis 

In Japanese folklore, the “tsukumogami” is an object that has acquired a soul, that has become alive and self-aware. There are two types of tsukumogami: the mature ‘tsugumomo,’ which have developed over long years of harmony with their owners, and the aberrant ‘amasogi,’ the premature spirits which have been raised only to give other people harmful wishes. After her passing, Kazuya Kagami had never gone without her mother’s obi. He keeps it safe with him at all times, whether at home or at school. He almost lost his life one day when he was struck by a wig amasogi. Once all seems to be over, he’s guarded by his treasured obi, and then he’s turned into a beautiful girl. She introduces herself as Kiriha, a tsugumomo owned by Kazuya ‘s mother. With Kiriha ‘s arrival, Kazuya enters a reality he’s never seen before, a world with gods and tsukumogami.

Tsugumomo Manga Chapter 131 Release Date

Do you guys want to read Tsugumomo chapter 131? The last chapter was published on July 5th. This manga was released weekly. So, most likely we will get another new chapter soon. You can read Tsugumomo manga on any manga hosting websites. So, stay tuned on our website if you don’t wanna miss it out.

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