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Why You Should Read Black Clover?

Black Clover is one of my favorite manga after Naruto and One Piece. I can’t wait to tell you guys why you should read Black Clover. But let me introduce you to this manga first. This manga was written by Yuki Tabata and being published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 2015. The chapters have been collected into tankoubon volumes by Shueisha since June 2015. This manga has its anime adaptation by Crunchyroll and aired worldwide. As of April 2020, Black Clover has 10 million copies in print.

Black Clover Manga

Now let’s get going to Black Clover manga’s storyline. This manga was quite similar to Naruto and Bleach. If you like reading Naruto and Bleach, you might like this one too. The story was quite thorough. Black Cover manga was set in The Clover Kingdom whereas everyone was able to use magic. No matter how small, almost all of the citizen in Clover Kingdom can use magic. I said almost, because there was an exception. And this exception was called Asta, a young boy from Hage village.

He was born and raised in a small church in Hage village. Along with Yuno, another young boy, both of them were left behind in front of the church when they were still babies. Asta grew up into a short, noisy and stubborn young man without magic. Meanwhile, Yuno grew up into a fine, talented young man who had wind-based magic. 

During Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, Yuno receive a rare four-leaf grimoire while Asta didn’t receive any grimoire. Grimoire was a spell book used by magician to conjure spells and charms. Asta knew that he didn’t receive any grimoire because he simply didn’t have any magic in his blood. In order to become stronger than Yuno, Asta train hard to improve his body strength. Asta wished to become a Magic Emperor, the one to protect the kingdom and all of the citizens. However, one cannot become Magic Emperor without any magic and thus Asta became the laughing stock in the whole village. In one of the incident, Asta saved Yuno’s grimoire from a bandit.

black clover manga

Incidentally, Asta got battered in the fight and called a dark, five-leaf grimoire. Asta was able to beat the bandit, with the help of his grimoire. After the incident, Yuno said he never forgot their promise to become a Magic Emperor and that he deemed Asta as his rival. Aiming to become Magic Emperor, they have to become Magic Knight first. There were nine Magic Knight Squads in The Clover Kingdom. Each squad was led by a Captain. Asta got accepted into Black Bull squad, while Yuno got accepted into Golden Dawn squad. Both would start their journey from here. 

The storyline in Black Clover manga was highly interesting. The main character, Asta, was very similar to Naruto. He was loud and stupid. With his strong determination, he was able to deal with many obstacles. Some comedy was shown here and there and there was a bit romance in this manga too. Overall, this manga is a good read. If you want to read Black Clover manga, you can read it on official website like VIZ or shonen jump. 

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