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Would You Date Your Teacher?

Let’s talk about Domestic na Kanojo manga this time around. This manga is quite popular among readers. Its rating was quite high among other romance and shoujo manga. And due to its popularity, Domestic na Kanojo has been adapted into anime with the same title. It consists of 12 episodes and ended around March 2019. Sasuga Kei-sensei has started writing this series in 2014 and published in Weekly Shounen Magazine. This manga was collected into tankoubon (stand-alone book/volume). Per February 17th, 2020, twenty six volumes have been released. The rumor has it that this manga would be completed around June 2020. 

In the manga, Natsuo Fujii has a crush on his teacher, Tachibana Hina. She is smart, cute and a good teacher. Knowing it was unrequited, Natsuo decided to give up on her and accept his friend’s invitation to a mixer. During which he met Tachibana Rui, an odd girl from Sakuragawa High. Tachibana Rui asks him for a favor and Natsuo never imagined that it would be having sex with her. Rui is curious about sex and thus ask Natsuo to take her virginity.

Natsuo finally done it with no strings attached. He thought it was the end of it. His father, Akihito Fujii has dated Tachibana Tokiko after his wife died. He planned to marry her and thus he tends to introduce Natsuo to his future wife. Natsuo never dreamt of having another siblings and that is what he got after his future step-mother introduced her two daughters, Tachibana Hina and Tachibana Rui. It became harder for Natsuo to hide his feelings for his teacher and his step-sister, Hina. The story becomes more complicated when they share the same house. 

The plot in this manga was commonly known as the forbidden love (another type of forbidden love would be incest relationship). Most girls would be interested in this type of genre. We are curious about their forbidden relationship and the dilemma faced by the protagonist. We would guess again and again about whether they would end up being together, and lived happily ever after. This kind of suspense would make some of the readers stay enchanted. Either a male student falling in love with a female teacher or vice versa, this kind of forbidden love has its own kind of appeal. The social pressure in most society was quite huge if one was having a relationship with those who are still underage. As a teacher, this type of relationship also breach professional ethics and considered illegal in several jurisdictions.

However, many romantics would still think that love could conquer all obstacles. It became one of the popular genres nowadays and was shown in several other manga with similar genre, such as Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Faster than A Kiss, Papillon: Hana to Chou, Otona Pink and others. Even if they have quite an age gap, such as those in a teacher-student relationship, a loving relationship is something worth fighting for. 

So, after knowing all of this, how about you, would you date your teacher?

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