Yakusoku No Neverland 176

Yakusoku No Neverland Chapter 176 Spoilers Out Now

Today we will be giving you a glimpse of Yakusaku No Neverland Chapter 176 Spoilers and Review. The story of Yakusoku No Neverland keeps getting interesting when Lewis announced changes of the system, which would unexpectedly changes both human and demon system as well. However, before we jump into the chapter, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first. 

Yakusoku No Neverland
Yakusoku No Neverland

Recap Yakusoku No Neverland Chapter 175

Back to the Chapter 175, Lewis has announced the abolishment of the new farm system as well as the coronation of the new queen, Mujika. The abolishment means to put aside the desire of eating human meat, hence this would satisfy both human and demons from the 1000 years of suffering. After several debates and talks, demons realize that eating human meat means allowing themselves to be controlled by the farms, which will eventually led into tragedies and problems in the past. 

After all, the demons can consume cursed blood as a substitution toward human meats that they no longer able to consume so that they can finally be free by getting rid of the farms. Then, Lewis announced that he’s not going to be a king anymore, claiming that he’s a part of the old system. He then announces Mujika to be the next monarch. 

Mujika proven to deserve the throne since she always acted all selfless for citizens and saving lots of lifes previously. After the coronation, Mujika states that she would create a new world along with Emma. Meanwhile, after knowing the news about the farm’s abolishment, children are all happy since they would be free. Then, Emma is finally able to meet Phil and fulfill her promise to save Phil in 2 years. 

Review Yakusoku No Neverland Chapter 176

The meeting between Emma, Norman, Ray with Phil and the others was quite an emotional one. Phil is so glad to know that Norman alive, but he also felt sad knowing that there are other friends that couldn’t be protected. Nonetheless, everyone is relieved and happy, and they believe that everything will be okay for a while now. 

Isabella also ensures everyone that they will be okay from now on. Emma is still in disbelief, knowing that not only Grace Field but other farms such as Glory Bell, Grand Valley and Goodwill Ridge will also be gone. Finally, everyone including adults and children are able to go to the human world. The Goldy Pond and the Paradise Hideout children are reunited, and on their way towards other human farms to free the other children.

However, there was an appearance of a demon that supposedly come from the Grace Field House, claiming that every human is their meat. The demon attempted to attack Emma, but then Isabella shielded Emma’s body, sacrificing herself instead.

Where to Read Yakusoku No Neverland Chapter 176?

Yakusoku No Neverland is available to read on Viz or Shonnen Jump. Be sure to drop by our site for the newest updates for upcoming chapters and news. You can also read it in other websites around the internet.

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